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Pinedora Wellness Center

With formal college educations in Holistic Healthcare, the Degree and Diplomas under our belts.  Our passion is to help others learn how to heal themselves and take the know-how home with them to continue it in their own lifestyle change.  It isn't enough to just eat better, there's so much involved with being healthy, and yet, it's quite simple.  It's about feeling better, eating healthy foods that aren't filled with preservatives, its about a different mindset, reconnecting with the earth's energies and nature.  Our ancestors knew these things, and yet as society "progresses" we've lost that vital connection.

We are hard at work to make Pinedora Farms a destination where people come to heal, learn and be healthy again, without depending on prescription meds. Nature has provided everything we need to sustain a happy, healthy life.  Our project is to build Pinedora Farms as the place to come and heal and learn how to continue it when you get home.  We are planning on building a facility for guests to come and stay for extended periods of time, whether it be in small cabins or one large main lodge with 6 bedrooms with their own bathrooms.  There will be a large educational kitchen, outdoor spaces for classes, so our guests can enjoy our current two large 72' high tunnel greenhouses and how we successfully grow year-round.  Guests will partake in many training courses from learning to grow, how fermented foods are beneficial to gut health and how to make your own, how to sprout, cook and bake from scratch with whole healthy ingredients, how to preserve food safely, learn about grounding/earthing, yoga, meditations and just releasing the stress.

To get this project completely built with a few staff residences on site, we are looking at a $2.5 to $3 million dollar project.  We are entirely self-sufficient here and off-grid, utilizing solar energy, our own pristine well, growing our own organic food and an abundance of nature surrounding us on a daily basis.

Below is merely an example of structures we are looking to build.  We prefer "green" building materials and methods to maintain the path we choose to focus on.  We are very open to alternative building structures.

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