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E.L.F.  Program
Educating Little Farmers

Children are a HUGE priority to us here at Pinedora Farms.  We truly believe that if we do not put more time into teaching our children about healthy food and nutrition, how to GROW your own clean food, the importance of nature in our lives and how to be more sustainable.... then the future for us all is going to become very bleak.

Obesity rates in children are reaching epidemic levels and that's just not fair to them.  They only know what they're provided and taught.  Most children have no idea where the food they eat really comes from or what it even looks like in it's natural state.  We're here to be a part of changing that, even if it's just one child at a time.

We offer our ELF Program to schools or any organizations who may want us to come to them.  Our most beneficial program is when the kids can come to the farm to participate in hands-on activities.  Kids get to tour our greenhouses and learn about the different plants, composting, worms, fertilizers and how nature and animals play a huge role in the production of healthy food.  Yet, we go beyond just food.  Since everything is vibrational energy, down to what you think, how you feel and the words you speak, we believe it is important for kids to understand this on a level they can understand.   We can hopefully bring more awareness to the effects of kind, loving thoughts and words toward something can actually result in great physical changes, whereas hurtful words can destroy anything in more ways than we realize.

If you are interested in our ELF Program for either a group coming to the farm or having us come to you to do a class with the kids, please contact us for more information and scheduling.

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