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E.L.F. Program
Educating Little Farmers

Here at Pinedora Farms, we LOVE working with children!  We don't believe there is an age when a child is "too young" to be exposed to nature, playing in the dirt, around animals, and learning about how to grow their own fresh, healthy food!

We bring groups of kids (and their parents or guardians) to the farm for 2-3 hours of Hands-On experiences of planting their own seeds and grow their own food, how to harvest, how animals play a role in growing food and how vibration through music or your voice can impact how healthy your plants grow!  This is a free program for the kids.  We provide drinks and lunch and materials/planted seeds for the kids to take home, including their very own "Elf Ears."  

Check out "Events" page to find out of the next scheduled Elf day.  (Spring 2024)

We schedule 3-4 farms visits during the spring & summer seasons.  If you or your school is interested in having Pinedora Farms come to you for an Elf visit, please contact us for more information and to discuss what you have in mind.

Here are some highlights of our Spring ELF Day 2024

at Pinedora Farms

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