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Almost 30 years ago, my daughter and I began manufacturing our own natural skin care and healing products after reading INGREDIENT LABELS from what we were currently using from commercial brands.  As we researched in depth, these ingredients, we were appalled as to why they were even legal to use.  We began our Holistic Healthcare jouney.

After nearly 30 years of manufacturing, shipping, selling etc... we had to make the decision to end that phase of our life, due to all of what we've chosen to move forward with as Pinedora Farms to help educate others to heal themselves, grow their own food and continue with our educational programs.  It's very time consuming to keep up with the manufacturing, and we wanted to be more hands on with people helping them to learn to heal.

We were recently introduced to two companies that my daughter and I are beyond impressed with, that we wanted to share it with you all and not only endorse, but become a part of.  For those of you who don't have the space to grow your own food, then at least look at what you're putting into your body.  

This first company is called RAIN international.  It is a global company based on SEED NUTRITION.  The first time I tried these products, I was blown away.  Then as I looked into the ingredients, I realized why!  These were all ingredients we were familiar with from our own manufacturing.  I am going to include 2 links for you to check out.  One is about the products themselves, the second is information and videos from different doctors who actually believe nutrition is a vital component of restoring health.  A healthy body with proper nutrition can heal ANYTHING, including cancer.  If you want to try any samples, let me know!  Click on the "learn more"  


The link below is for videos.  Make sure you watch the 

videos on the blood cells also, along with the ones from

the doctors.  They also have labs to do in depth food allergy 

testing and more. In the upper right of the page, click RAIN


This second company we are stoked over is called LifeWave. 

They're patches that are patented with nano-crystal technology

to stimulate restored and renewed stem cell growth, which are

essential for cell production and life itself.  You simply put a patch

on specific areas and the crystals send your own body energy

light back into your tissues, going to the brain, to restore declining

stem cells.  Most of us have heard about stem cell therapy, which does

amazing natural healing processes.  The only problem many

face is the cost, which can run into the thousands or tens of thousands

for such therapy.  


Both of these companies are ones we have decided to endorse, due to the research and health benefits.  If you'd like to receive some samples, please email me at  You can get them as a customer, OR, if you fall in love with them as we have, you can join the company as a distributor and earn a VERY good income from them yourselves, WHILE restoring your own health at the same time.  Many have easily moved into a 6-figure income.  I don't know if you need anything extra, but THAT is what will help us build here.

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