Meet the Women Behind the Farm!

Lisa Kaiser- President

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Lisa has been in business management for most of her life.  She was very involved with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse issues and had been asked by the Arizona State Senate President to be a part of a Family Violence Task Force Committee.

Due to continually misdiagnosis of her father's health, she decided to further her education in natural healing and attended her first Natural Medicine College.  She then went on to enroll in the Holistic Healthcare Practitioner program at Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts where she earned her degree.  Lisa's focus in on subtle energies everything emits and using those energies to heal others, including "Distant Healing and Remote Viewing" which she has had a gift for since childhood.

Pinedora Farms was born in late 2016, where the family's focus is to build an Organic Farm, Educational and Wellness Retreat Facility and be an example of Off-grid sustainable living.  Their goals are to help as many people as possible learn about healthy nutrition and how they can rid themselves of dis-ease by building their body's own natural immune system and through Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

Jennifer Kaiser- Vice President

Jennifer is a graduate of Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine.  She is also a recent graduate of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary methods from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

She has a knack for putting together various programs and often heads up Pinedora Farm's Greenhouse Gathering events.  She loved educational programs and teaching others.

Jennifer also works with building the soil for our raise beds and creates the layout for all companion planting beds in the greenhouses

**The Mickey Mouse ears were for her baby's first birthday party.  As a Halloween baby, it was very fitting.  He loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggy dog!

Kate Adams- Director of Conservation

Kate is our "go-to" girl for anything animal related.  If any get hurt or sick, she's the first one to evaluate and try to help.  Kate also attended Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine.  She helps teach children about valuable pollinators and how important Bee's and Butterflies are to sustainable living.

Kate is currently working on attracting more bees to her specially made beehive here at Pinedora Farms.  

Advisory Board

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Lisa Kaiser

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Alexandra Walters

Alex is one of Scottsdale Arizona's top "high-end" real estate agent.  She specializes in corporate relocations as well. 

Jennifer Kaiser

Tib Jordan

Tib is the owner-operator of Bala Sama. She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistics and Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Bala Sama has won "The Best of Scottsdale" award in personal coaching for 2015 and 2016.

Kate Adams


Crystal Behmetuik

Crystal has always been one to connect with nature any way she can. She has a passion for animals and knows first hand the value of growing organic. Her passion is to become a restaurant consultant and in her spare time, learn to fly!