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After years of planning and working on getting a platform and line up for our online mini courses, we finally have some of them ready to take.  Below in the section "Coming Soon" are what we will continue to work on and and add to the site as they're ready.  ENJOY!  please contact us if you have any issues. 
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Ready to take

Coming Soon

Food Preservation and Storage

Building your soil;

Growing in small spaces

How to dry your plants/herbs for medicinal use

food preservation storage.webp
growing small spaces.webp
Drying herbs.jpeg

Stimulate Healing through Reflexology

Heart/Brain Coherance & Manifesting

The Benefits of Juicing

Working with Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

Heart Brain coherence.jpg
benefits of juicing.webp
culinary herbs.webp

Companion Planting & why it's important

Using Earthing & Grounding to ease pain

companion planting.webp
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