Providing Organic Food, Education and the value of Holistic Nutrition

At Pinedora Farms we are guided by the conviction of empowering people with endelible knowledge and appreciation toward sustainable lifestyles and harmonic sustenance


Come join us on our journey of making a difference in the health and well-being of those around us! You can become a part!

Being an example of Self-Sustainable, Off-grid living

Not only do we “walk the talk”, but we LIVE it! We chose to give up conventional convenience of living and lay the foundation first of self-sustainability.  A pristine well, Solar sytem for power, and building commercial sized greenhouses to grow food.  Next step is raising the funds to build our homes & educational center with “green building” materials that are better insulators, mold resistant and most of all Fire resistant!

"E.L.F." Educating Little Farmers

A free program specially designed to teach children where real food comes from, how to grow your own, healthy eating habits, and how they can prepare their own simple meals.  We teach children the important role that nature plays in growing organic food. Whether children come to our farm for a 2-3 hour program, or we come to your venue.  Learning the value of healthy food begins with the kids!

Partnering with those who can help us make a difference. How about YOU? Want to join us?

Working together to bring the freshest picked, clean organic produce to our local commuities, schools, restaurants and other venues.

We believe when you invest in the health and well-being of your community and those who seek out a healthier life style, you can make a difference.  We also believe that the small family farmers and other small family businesses, are the backbone of our country.  

Visit our shop to see our Natural handcrafted holistic products since 1998

What goes ON your skin goes IN your body! Keep it natural!         Visit our store to get your own holistic products!

What our clients and customers say

What makes Pinedora Farms products, services and organic produce more desireable than what is otherwise available?

It is their sweeping knowledge and great desire to truly see people healed. Their products are amazing and the organic produce is delicious. I've seen people try and get their produce prior to them being fully set up at events. They actually wait so they can purchase it right away, while at the same time their are other vendors nearby selling the same thing - but they still wait for Pinedora produce and eggs first. That says something!
Kathlene O.
Customer for 3 years
Kathlene O.
Customer for 3 years
Kathlene O.
Customer for 3 years

“Begin your journey to a better life with a Mind-Body-Spirit connection”

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Harmonize your body, mind and inner self.

Where does real food come from?

It’s amazing how many people thing food just “comes from the store” and has no clue where it really starts, or how it even grows.

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