What is Pinedora Farms about?

We are located in the beautiful White Mountains of Northern Arizona. Our Mission is to empower children and adults to take control back over their own health, through means of engaging them in learning to grow organic food, holistic nutrition &  preparation, sustainability and green living education and practices, utilizing body and plant energy, all while partnering with nature and understanding the necessary relationship of the mind-body-spirit connection. We love to work with various schools and veteran's programs.

Our goals are to build an organic self-sustainable, off-grid farm, educational facility and retreat.  A place where people come to heal and restore their health, by learning about holistic nutrition, growing and preparing organic meals, learning food preservation, fermentation, sprouting and so much more, all while having the opportunity to stay on our farm for weekend visits or month-long retreat stays. We have worked hard to lay the foundation, become off-grid, put our well in, our solar system, two 72'x30' high tunnel greenhouses, and much more.  We just need the living structures and we can get our center in full operation with Pinedora Farms being a destination of Well-being.


E.L.F. "Educating Little Farmer's program

A free program specially designed to teach children where real food comes from, how to grow your own, healthy eating habits, and how they can prepare their own simple meals.  We teach children the important role that nature plays in growing organic food and how important it is to talk to your plants, because they too respond to kind words and grow bigger and healthier!. Whether children come to our farm for a 2-3 hour program, or we come to your venue.  Learning the value of healthy food begins with the kids!


Greenhouse Gatherings,
Educational program

Each year, we open up our farm several times to the public to offer helpful insight and teaching tools to those who want to learn how to grow their own food, how you can prepare fresh organic fruits and vegetables  or simply learn how you can reclaim your health and be an active participant in restoring and maintaining a healthier lifestyle..  We pick fresh veggies and do demonstrations, talk about crop rotation, building soils, companion planting, juicing, fermenting, mushrooms, offer handout material and so much more.