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Here at Pinedora Farms...

...We are all about restoring health and living an earth friendly sustainable life, while connecting to Mind-Body-Emotions.  Our passion is helping others become healthy and live life to the fullest.  We were introduced to another Non-profit organization called "The Singleton's."  They help single parent families who are battling cancer to make their daily lives a little easier.  In addition, they're trying to build an outdoor garden so they can grow healthy organic food for these families, helping them to boost their immune systems.  We have created this fund raiser to help them raise the needed funds to build a necessary block wall and begin raised bed construction and get their growing area all ready.  Will you help us help them??  Together we can make it happen!  You can direct purchase these Garden Tower planters at the link listed at the end.  You can also find many different varieties of tower planters on Amazon at varying prices.  Garden Tower 2

About Pinedora Farms

From a Biological, Science and even Theological standpoint.... everything is ENERGY!  Including the food we grow, the animals and nature we are surrounded with.  We are all connected.

It is our Mission to empower both children and adults alike, through education, leadership, community involvement and by example, to living happy, healthy lives.  We are about Sustainability and Green LivingHealthy Nutrition, Mind-Body Connection, Vibrational Frequency and Effects of your Thoughts and Feelings, while teaching others that we are all connected and truly Energy Beings.  It isn't enough to just EAT RIGHT, it goes beyond that.  What you focus your thoughts on and the feelings you choose to express each day, plays a major role as well. 

That's why, Pinedora Farms, is about more than just growing your own food and farming.  We're about providing you with the knowledge, tools and resources to be self-sustainable and to restore your health on your own. What's the catch?  YOU have to be an active participant in your own health, wellness & happiness.  You can't look for a Magic Bullet or Pill that solves it all nor expect someone else to do it for you. You have to be your OWN "Magic Bullet."

Dive into our pages, learn about us and learn about how YOU can be an active participant to your own wellness and don't look for anyone else to do it for you!   YOU just need to take that first step to believe in YOURSELF. Remember... sometimes it takes a "Village" to accomplish things.  Let's be a Village together.

Don't forget to check out our "Be Your Own Magic Bullet" workbook on our SHOP page.  We offer many tools to help you on your journey to recovering your health through natural means and feel the best you have in a long time!

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