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Success is a matter of interpretation, right?  We just had our Spring Expo, and needless to say it turned into a Murphy's Law ordeal.  YET... when things get tough for you, you quickly see who are the ones to love and support you AND encourage you regardless!  I call that SUCCESS.  

Jenn and I, along with The Solar Exchange and Billy "The Kid DJ"  want to give some recognition and "Thank You's" to these people and companies, who stood by us when we had some rough moments.  We hope you will go into The Local's Market held at Buffalo Bill's Tavern & Museum on Saturday's from 8-12pm to SUPPOR THEM and go into THEIR stores.  They are what community is about!

European Artisan Bakery     Jennifer, you are such a blessing to so many. Thank you for everything and having faith in what we do!  You have amazing Celiac friendly baked goods that are so delicious!

Panaderia Bacanery  Thank you both so much for being there and showing up, sticking around and SO MUCH THANKS for helping with all of the setting up, tearing down and heavy loading.  WOW! Not to mention your amazing homemade tortillas!


Sunshine Herbs:   If you've never been to Sunshine Herbs off Hunning in Show Low, you're missing out.  Not only is it family owned and their 4 boys help with the business, but Lisa and her family are huge supporters of this community!  They are ALWAYS there for others.


Shannon's Shirts 'N Stuff:  Thank you so much for being there for us and helping to make Mother's Day special for all of the vendors!  You are an amazing woman!


Bobos Delights:  Thank you so much for being a part of our Expo and regardless of all the uncontrollable events, you guys stayed with us all and made this event special.  It's about WHO you meet and have in your life!


Bingham Equipment:  Thank you guys so much for bringing your equipment out and staying there with us!  You guys are so kind with your words and support.  You're one of those rare big businesses who stand by and support the smaller ones!  A class act for sure!


Catteco Ltd:  Thank you for coming to the event and sticking it out through all the massive winds.  It's vendors like you that mean the world to us.  You have awesome jewelry designs!  Email her for more info!


Raptor Films:  Bing, what can I say?  We love you.  You came all the way from LA to be here to support us.  You've had our backs and our hearts since you first came with your crew to film us for a reality show.  He is the master of teaching podcast and video production.  If you want to learn something, check out Bing.  Plus, he'll be coming back to AZ to do another class in the valley.  Please check it out and take his class.  He'll help you monetize your passion of wanting to podcast!


Kathleen Osborn:  You are not only our friend, but part of our family.  We've loved you since the first time we met you.  We are so proud of you for turning your passion of writing into a successful craft.  On top of that, you help others get published!  xoxox


Ingo Loge'   Thank you so very much for coming up from the valley to help us out.  Your knowledge on health & healing naturally is such an asset. I can see how much you care about helping others with every word you speak.  Thank you again!!  Helping us with the RAIN International was so generous of you to give us all your time and knowledge.


Last but not least by any means, we would like to thank the Navajo County Sheriff's Auxiliary for being there to support us and the community! Plus, helping with all the tents destroyed by the wind!  You guys are so awesome!  You made it so much fun deputizing so many of us!!

When others believe in you

It is our Mission to empower both children and adults alike, through education, leadership, community involvement and by example, to living happy, healthy lives.  We are about Sustainability and Green Living, Healthy Nutrition, Mind-Body Connection, Vibrational Frequency and Effects of your Thoughts and Feelings, while teaching others that we are all connected and truly Energy Beings.  It isn't enough to just EAT RIGHT, it goes beyond that.  What you focus your thoughts on and the feelings you choose to express each day, plays a major role as well. 

Pinedora Farms is all about strengthening community, education, promoting natural healing, self-sustainability and helping those who need a hand.  For years we've grown fresh organic produce to bring to local markets.  While satisfying, we still knew we were missing something.  In early 2023, we decided to donate most of the produce we grow to local charities who feed the homeless,  veterans and seniors.  In 2024, are expanding that to include kids who often go without food when they're not at school or even kids who are homeless.  It's our way of helping to bring communities together and help those who just need a "Hand UP."  It feels so much better knowing we can help feed those who have little or no food to eat, let alone healthy food.

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