Welcome to Pinedora!

Pinedora Farms is a Non-profit 501 (C)3 organization.  We are an “Off-Grid”, alternative energy, self-sustainable organic farm and educational center. Our goals are to provide our community with local, freshly picked organic produce.  Whether we set up at the local farmer’s markets, go to local schools or have children and adults come here to our farm to learn hands-on in our greenhouses and our fields.  There is an energy in the earth, let’s connect to it again!

We strive to educate others on self-sustainability, organic growing practices and the healing power of whole food.  Here is the US, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and so many other chronic illnesses are at critical epidemic proportions, most of which are due to lifestyle, stress, and lack of real nutrition in our eating habits.  This in turn results in the body shutting down, inflammation, auto-immune diseases, arthritis, cancer and so much more.

We are now into generations of fast food, instant lives and lack of knowledge about real food.  Here at Pinedora Farms we strive to bring that simplicity of nature back into the homes, education systems and communities through our on-site programs and community outreach.  Let’s education the children most of all so they can have a bright healthy future and pave the way for the generations to come!