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Here at Pinedora Farms...

About Pinedora Farms

It is our Mission to empower both children and adults alike, through education, leadership, community involvement and by example, to living happy, healthy lives.  We are about Sustainability and Green LivingHealthy Nutrition, Mind-Body Connection, Vibrational Frequency and Effects of your Thoughts and Feelings, while teaching others that we are all connected and truly Energy Beings.  It isn't enough to just EAT RIGHT, it goes beyond that.  What you focus your thoughts on and the feelings you choose to express each day, plays a major role as well. 

Dive into our pages, learn about us and learn about how YOU can be an active participant to your own wellness and don't look for anyone else to do it for you!   YOU just need to take that first step to believe in YOURSELF. Remember... sometimes it takes a "Village" to accomplish things.  Let's be a Village together.

We just did this LIVE interview with GREEN LIVING MAGAZINE TODAY

( Sept 15th) regarding our big EXPO tomorrow.    Check it out. 

It's all about Community and working to help each other!   

                                                                                                                   Click here to watch interview:

We were introduced to another Non-profit organization called

"The Singleton's." They help single parent families who are battling

cancer to make their daily lives a little easier.  In addition, they're

trying to build an outdoor garden so they can grow healthy organic

food for these families, helping them to boost their immune systems. 

Pinedora Farms has partnered up with them to help them build

garden areas to grow more food for those they serve, and teach

classes to children and adults how you can grow your own and

your body can heal through the right foods. 

You can visit their website at:  The Singletons AZ Website

In addition, Pinedora Farms has made it a priority to expand their growing

operations and donate freshly picked organic produce to various local

charitable organizations who provide meals to those who otherwise would

not have any food to eat. We are currently providing fresh organic produce

to several local charitable organizations in Gila County, Navajo County

and Apache County in Northern Arizona.  These organizations provide meals

to the homeless, disabled veterans and the elderly who would otherwise go

without a daily meal.  We feel very blessed to be a part of helping these

organizations, who help so many in need.  Another such organization is called

The Payson Warming Center.  The Mission of the Payson Homeless

and Homeless Veterans Initiative (PHHVI) is to combat homelessness,

fight hunger, and assist those in crisis. They provide resources and services to

help vulnerable and low-income individuals and families in and around the

Payson area and have served over 13,700 meals since January 2022!   

Here's some of Pinedora Farms freshly picked produce donated to

The Payson Warming Center.  You can contact them through their website: 

The Payson Warming Center Website


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