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It is our Mission to empower both children and adults alike, through education, leadership, community involvement and by example, to living happy, healthy lives.  We are about Sustainability and Green Living, Healthy Nutrition, Mind-Body Connection, Vibrational Frequency and Effects of your Thoughts and Feelings, while teaching others that we are all connected and truly Energy Beings.  It isn't enough to just EAT RIGHT, it goes beyond that.  What you focus your thoughts on and the feelings you choose to express each day, plays a major role as well. 

Pinedora Farms is all about strengthening community, education, promoting natural healing, self-sustainability and helping those who need a hand.  For years we've grown fresh organic produce to bring to local markets.  While satisfying, we still knew we were missing something.  In early 2023, we decided to donate most of the produce we grow to local charities who feed the homeless,  veterans and seniors.  In 2024, are expanding that to include kids who often go without food when they're not at school or even kids who are homeless.  It's our way of helping to bring communities together and help those who just need a "Hand UP."  It feels so much better knowing we can help feed those who have little or no food to eat, let alone healthy food.

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