What's New with Pinedora

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If you are interested in having us consider you for a Pro-bono client basis... OR...
If you have the ability to donate the fees and want to pay it forward to have someone else go through the program, use the application to the side and contact us.

Getting back to what we've been trained to do!

When we first bought the raw land to build Pinedora Farms, our goals and plans were to be self-sustainable, a community of healing and growing our own food, not only for our family, but to use in teaching others about holistic nutrition, natural wellness, connecting to nature etc.  We've been doing "Farmer's Markets" "Craft Fairs" "Special Events as Vendors" not only with our products, but with the produce in later years as well.  These last couple of years, the farming aspect really took over and our Wellness Programs (to which we are both formally college trained for) began to take a back seat.  After a great deal of heart-to-heart talks, we have decided that this year is going to be our LAST YEAR for doing weekly Farmer's Markets.  We will continue to grow organic produce, but the bult will be used in our educational programs.

How many times have people tried so many fad things to regain their health?  How many times do people look for yet another pill or "magic bullet" to regain their health and wellness?  There is NO MAGIC BULLET!  Your body has a supreme intelligence, and it knows HOW to heal itself, but it is also a process.  Plus, healing is much more than going on a diet and thinking everything is food related.  If you want to heal, truly heal.... then you must treat EVERY aspect of wellness, which also includes your thoughts and feelings.  Everything is energy.  Everything.  Stop trying one fad after another and spending thousands and thousands of dollars on one "fad diet" after another.  It boils down to taking back control YOURSELF and being an active participant in your health and changing your lifestyle.  This is where our training comes in to help YOU!

Check out our Wellness Program page for more information and contact us today to sign up for letting us help you through the entire process!  Let's HEAL together!!