Member-only Services

We are formally educated with degrees, diplomas & certifications in Holistic Healthcare, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Transformational Psychology, Body Energy Healing and more.  We put these practices to use and help others understand everything is "energy" and when we use that energy wisely, we become unstoppable, healthier and happier.  We believe the right foods can heal and restore health, and we believe that a positive mindset is paramount. You attract into your life where you place your energy.  These services are member-based.  

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28 day Health Restoration

Your body is designed to heal itself, from just about any illness or injury, it just needs the proper tools to do it.  Most illnesses are developed due to either deficiency or toxicity.  Stress is the # 1 contributor to the beginning of imbalance.  We have you fill out extensive questionnaires and design a 28-day plan to kick start you into a lifestyle change including food, renewed energy and FUN! 

Group Camping Retreats

Here at Pinedora Farms we offer camping retreats to groups who want to reconnect with nature, participate in learning about organic gardening, mind-body-spirit connection and organic food preparation.  You'll sleep under a star filled sky with the sounds of nature in the distance.  Escape from the stress and learn to reconnect again, not only with nature, but more importantly... yourself.