Health & Wellness Programs

We are formally educated with degrees, diplomas & certifications in Holistic Healthcare, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Transformational Psychology, Body Energy Healing and more.  We put these practices to use and help others understand everything is "energy" and when we use that energy wisely, we become unstoppable, healthier and happier.  We believe the right foods can heal and restore health, and we believe that a positive mindset is paramount. You attract into your life where you place your energy.   

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2-Hour Group Health Restoration Bootcamp

This is where Pinedora Farms comes to you for a group instructional health restoration program.  If you're serious about wanting to learn how to take your health back, then you don't want to miss this.  A lot of focus is centered around your gut health, which can impact and cause a multitude of diseases, including cancer. 

We do hands on demonstrations, provide handouts and encourage you to take your power back and not solely rely on someone else to "fix" your health.  This is about a lifestyle change and your participation is critical to your own wellness. Our bodies are amazing and have the ability to completely reverse disease and restore optimal health.  We do NOT adhere to the prognosis "There's no cure" or "Sorry, there's nothing we can do."  Given the proper tools and nutrition, your body can do amazing things.  It isn't just all about food either.  Your thoughts, emotions and attitude, plays a MAJOR role in your ability to heal.

We offer these programs to groups of any kind, whether it is corporate to implement a reduction on absenteeism and insurance costs, church groups, tribal groups, family groups and more. 

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Customized Individual 28-day Holistic Nutrition daily program

Your body is designed to heal itself, from just about any illness or injury, it just needs the proper tools to do it.  Most illnesses are developed due to either deficiency or toxicity.  Stress is the # 1 contributor to the beginning of imbalance.  We have you fill out extensive questionnaires and design a 28-day plan to kick start you into a lifestyle change including food, renewed energy and FUN! 

We create a wellness plan for you, walking you through each day of what we recommend, recipes to follow, activities to engage in, and each plan is customized for each person.