"E.L.F." Program Educating Little Farmers

There is an epidemic within poverty stricken communities that is jeapordizing the health of our children. Obesity. Chronic illness. Weakened immune systems. Infectious digestive diseases. Poor oral health. Diminished cognitive functions. Learning disabilities. All due to unacceptable eating habits and poor nutritional intake.

E.L.F.  “Educating Little Farmers” is a free program specifically designed to teach young children how to grow their own organic food, the importance of healthy soil and to follow the lead of nature.  Most children have never had the opportunity to see anything grow, let alone have fresh healthy organic food to eat. 

Groups of children either come out to spend a few hours on the farm learning hands on, or we come to the schools or other venues to work with the kids.  As we teach the kids about the importance of growing organic food, we also give examples of healthy nutrition and how to prepare some simple snacks and food dishes they can do themselves.


Each year, we open up our farm several times to the public to offer helpful insight and teaching tools to those who want to learn how to grow their own food, how you can prepare fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  We pick fresh veggies and do demonstrations, offer handout material and much more.

Here’s an example of a previous gathering we held:

Check bsck with our Special Events page for any scheduled gatherings.  We DO plan on having them this year 2021.

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