"Formula One" hair restoration & growth


“Formula One” hair restoration & growth




Hair loss or slow growth can happen for a variety of reasons.  We’ve chosen the oils specifically in this formula for its known hair growth and follicle stimulation properties.  After a good deal of testing on friends & family, we feel we have come up with a winner to help with encouraging hair growth in most cases.  Using organic ingredients, we blended this formula with great results.  People often spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on trying so many different things to save their hair.  We put this product in a 8 oz bottle, to give you plenty of time and product to see if it helps you as well.  Depending on your hair length, this can last you anywhere from 60 to 120 days.  Use regularly for best results.

To Use:  Shake well.  Spritz a fair amount of oil on scalp and work around entire head.  Give a thorough massage to help stimulate circulation.  You may include running your fingers through your hair to spread oil out to the ends as well.  Allow to sit and absorb into your scalp for at least a half an hour.  The longer you leave it on to fully absorb, the better.  Wash out with shampoo when ready. Style hair as usual.

Ingredients:  A proprietary blend of oils including (but not limited to) Rice Bran Oil, Seaweed extract, Hemp Seed oil and Rosemary essential oil.


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