Come join us for our first 2021 workshop, luncheon & tour of our greenhouses here at Pinedora Farms, located in scenic Pinedale Arizona.

These are the topics to be covered:

· Types of Planting Areas

· Critter Control

· Companion Planting

· Our Seasonal “Favorites”

  1.  Garden
  2.  Something to Read
  3.  Fruit/Veggie
  4.  Herb
  5.  Something to Watch

· Our New Podcast

· Planting by Lunar cycles

· Planting with DNA

· Physical & Spiritual Benefits of Herbs

· Demonstrations;

  1.  Herbal Bitter Preparation
  2.  Herbal Infused Culinary Oil
  3.  Juicing


Hello Everyone!!  It’s so wonderful  to be with you all again after a year of social distancing!  We’re back in the swing again and we happily invite you to join us for our Spring Greenhouse Gathering of 2021!

Cost:  $15.00 per person.  What’s included:  A healthy, delicious lunch and refreshments; Samples from the herbal bitter, herbal culinary oil and juicing demonstrations; Seed packets of our seasonal “favorite”, loaded information handouts, recipe cards, a wealth of knowledge and good fun!   


Upon registering, you will received a digital map with directions to come to Pinedora Farms


May 16th Greenhouse Gathering