Greenhouses. Not as expensive as you think!

Many people as us about our greenhouses, and even come out to "tour" them to get ideas because they too are interested in building a greenhouse for their own. Ours are quite large, 72'x30' each since we do grow on a commercial level to sell organic produce at Farmer's Markets and to our local communities. We have will donate food to those in need when we are able to.

Our first greenhouse we purchased ourselves in 2016. For the size we got, the basic cost was $4,300. Due to the area we live, and can get heavy snow fall, I spent and extra $1,000 to upgrade to "W" trusses to make sure it was strong enough for our snow loads. Four months after we got the building complete, we lost the roof to it in a big wind storm. Dear friends of ours paid the cost of getting a new roof (another $1,000) from a different company that makes the plastic for them and we went to a 3-ply woven/corded plastic that resists tearing. All in all... with shipping costs and everything, our large greenhouses which are made of STEEL from, with each rib sunk into the ground almost 3 feet... 72'x30'... cost us $6,300.00. That does NOT include lumber for framing the end walls, baseboards and hipboards. But, per sqft..... our greenhouses cost way less per sqft than most of these other cheap greenhouse kits people buy and spend over $1,000 for a little 10'x12' greenhouse that often is crumbled with the first strong wind.

In fall of that year, my daughter and I went to a Mother Earth News Fair in PA and learned for the first time about the NRCS, aka National Resource Conservation Service, which is a division of the USDA. I found out that I could apply for a grant through them to acquire another greenhouse. At the time, the process was super complicated and many hoops to jump through. After over 2 years of the process, I was about to give up, when a new manager came into the picture and BAM... we got approved. 6 months later our first greenhouse via a grant was shipped to us, and we started the building process for the second time.

We see SO many people buying small greenhouses that are cheap kits, and they put so much into them that actually ends up costing them so much money, due to the modifications they must make to them. We see too many of them destroyed by high winds or snow conditions, costing them more than just the greenhouse. We feel your pain.

When you apply to receive a grant through the NRCS (every state has it) you compete on a State level with everyone else. When we got approved for our first grant, we ranked higher than anyone else in the entire state and was Arizona's first choice. The reasons? We grow Organic, We grow for our local Farmer's Markets, and the layout of our property was also a factor. If you want to apply for a greenhouse grant with them, it cannot be for just your own family use only, and it must be through an approved manufacturer. You cannot use the funds to build your own design. Take those things into consideration. The application process has been made much more simple now. We highly recommend you contacting your local NRCS branch (go to USDA's website) and find your local representative. You could possibly get qualified for your own! We buy all of our greenhouses through We believe they are one of the best built hightunnels around. We now get our roof plastic and end wall plastic through They make the corded plastic that resists tearing.