Flash Flood Hits Pinedora Farms

**the trees in this picture in the middle of the water, were once up on top of the bank.

After over a year of drought conditions, we have had a very wet July here in Northern, Arizona. Actually the entire State of Arizona has seen it's share of a heavy monsoon season. We have a "seasonal creek" that runs across our property toward the southern section, which generally always runs in winter and spring from all the snowfall. This past winter was the first one, where it was dry as a bone. Those dry conditions make for a very concerning summer season with potential forest fires. The fact that we've had so much rain this month has been such a blessing to us all. Our grass is thriving and beautiful, our outside growing area is doing awesome (of course that means a lot of weeds are growing as well). It has certainly taken off some of the work load for me to not have to be spending 6-8 hours each day watering the outside garden. At the moment, it is not set up on an automatic watering system, so I have to do everything by hand. That doesn't include the two greenhouses either.

On Wednesday, July 21st, we had a massive rainfall and hail here, which for the first time I was concerned about damage. The next day, our creek was actually running for the first time during summer months. It was pretty, but short lived. The next afternoon on Friday, July 23rd, another heavy rainfall was about to hit, so I prepared for what I thought was coming. I had no idea what was about to hit.

As the rain and hail began to fall heavily, I kept looking out the living room window of my RV watching the creek right behind me to see if it was going to flow again. At first, nothing. Then about 5 minutes later, I looked again and noticed there was a small stream that had started. Yipee! It was so pretty again. Shortly thereafter, I checked out the window yet again, while I was in between getting products ready for the farmer's market the next day. This time, the creek had risen to a height I had never seen it before. WOW, it's really filling up! In the area right behind our RV and Bus, the creek bank to bottom is about 7'-8' estimate. It could be higher. After a few more minutes, I looked out once more and got a view I would never have imagined. The water was now at the top bank of the creek bed and crashing around the bend with a violent torrent. As I looked toward the back part of the property and the first turn for the creek, I saw what was like a wave of curling, raging water that was headed right toward me! I immediately grabbed my small dog, the keys to the truck and hollered for the large dog to come as we all ran out and raced for the truck. I just knew I had to leave right this minute. No time to try to get the chickens in the ducks inside their house. They would have fought me anyway, as they refuse to go inside from free-ranging all day, unless it is dusk.

I backed up and turned to head out and hit the gas petal to get out as fast as I could, racing to my neighbor's house on the hill. I got to their place, the dogs were safe. As it turned out, two of their dogs were missing as well. Three of us went back out in two of their ATV's to try to save as many of our chickens and ducks as we could. We only got two inside and had to leave again, the water was bubbling over heading straight to the RV. We hurried back out, after I quickly turned off propane and main water connection from the well... just in case. All I could think of was our home was going to be washed away.

After the rain stopped, we went back over again. One of the dogs were found by a neighbor and was safe, and all the chickies and ducks were out running around, all safe. I began to actually get some photos and videos after the torrent had subsided quite a bit and the rain stopped. Later that night, the other dog made it's way home safe and sound. But... the storm and flash flood did a number on our property and the neighbor's behind us, who also bordered the creek. All we kept saying to each other was "No one got hurt, all the animals are safe and sound, the rest is "stuff" that we can deal with later." The outpour of love from neighbors, friends and family was in itself a wonderful thing to experience.

As we've said to many "We are silver lining kind of people" and we believe that our RV and Bus, all the animals were saved for a greater purpose. Someone sure had their hands on that floor and made it take turns at just the right time to miss hitting our homes. Our creek is now double in width, but we just feel someone up there was clearing a much larger