30-Day Wellness Adventure Documentary

Are you looking to finally take back your power over your own health? Then we are looking for you! We're putting together a 30 day Wellness Program where we join as a group of participants and work together, learning about detoxing, healthy meals, the benefits of whole organic food, the connection your emotions have to your health and so much more. We will begin this journey on January 15th. We will start off with a 4 day detox, so you will need to make sure you have an actual juicer. You do not need to be local to participate. We will be going on some "Field Trips" to different locations, but we also shall be doing a lot of our communications viz Zoom and other video conference applications. It doesn't matter where you live, you can join in! Make sure you go to our Shop page to get signed up and use the discount code, CASTINGCALL to receive a major discount. Here's a sample:

30 day Wellness Adventure Documentary
Start your New Year’s Resolution to really make a change and get healthy so you’re not chronically suffering from countless health issues.  Take back control and participate in your own health transformation.  At least once a week, someone is coming to us asking if we have a cream or lotion to heal them from their illnesses like a magic bullet.  It doesn’t work that way.  YOU have to be in control of your own health and stop giving your power away to others or dismissing it as something in your genes.
We are planning to utilize one of our Wellness Programs, and take it a step farther, by turning it into a documentary we can share with many others to hopefully inspire them to do the same.  You must be willing to share your experiences and goals on camera. 
For 30 days, you will be part of a small group who will meet via Zoom or in person, at least once weekly.  You will have a support network to hold your hand and keep you going on this journey.   Here’s some of the things you will be participating in:
· Starting off with a 4 day juicing cleanse
· 4 different “field trips” either in person or via video chat  to a grocery store, our farm, a gym, and  a goat farm.
· You will receive 4 different documentaries to watch one weekly and join in a discussion meeting with others regarding your experience and what you learned
· New healthy recipes and prepare them, documenting  your experience
· Learning about fermented foods, sprouting, Kefir and their health benefits
· How emotional health is tied to physical  health
· Stress reduction techniques
· Teaming up with  others to maintain your lifestyle change
· ...and much much more.
Getting healthy with this is going to be a blast.  If you would like to be considered for this casting call and Wellness Adventure Documentary opportunity, contact us for more details.  Your health is up to YOU.  Only YOU can make the changes.   Why not do it with the support of a group!
30-day Wellness Adventure Documentary participation.  What is finally changing your health worth to you?
$12.00 per day, which is $360 total sale price listed on website.  (Normal fee $540.00 for 30 days)
$9.00 per day, which is $270.00  if you use discount code CASTINGCALL in the coupon section at checkout.
** If you need to split it up into a couple of payments, contact us directly and do not use website shopping cart.  Email:
You will need to have an actual juicer (example; Jack Lalanne type) and you will be responsible for purchasing your own food item ingredients.