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Raptor Films Podcast Academy!

We are honored to have the privilege to work with Raptor Films and offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to learn how to build a professional podcast channel of your own to promote yourself and or your business.  Too often we try to do short-cuts which tend to cost us way more in the long run.  Podcasts are the latest venue for getting noticed AND earning primary or secondary incomes that can easily earn you 6 or 7 figures, when done correctly.

Listen to the radio interview with Bing and Lisa regarding the podcast class:



Raptor films is offering to any Pinedora Farms members, a discount on their normal class fees as a fund raiser for Pinedora Farms.  This is your opportunity to learn from one of the best, LIVE and IN PERSON with HANDS-ON training.  Check out Raptor Films Podcast Academy below.  Use the "Contact Us" form to get more information on the next upcoming class on August 7th, held in Pinedale Arizona, at about half the cost they normally charge! If you have a group who would like to take the class on a different date, please contact us and let us know.  Fund raising rate can still apply.


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Raptor Films Podcast Academy with Pinedora Farms


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