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What we are working to achieve

Helping others to heal through various different natural means, is paramount to us.  We believe nature has provided us with everything we need to heal naturally and to use our own thoughts and intensions to bring forth true health.  

We believe when people work together, goals can be achieved so much easier with the support of others.  

We've worked hard with the help of many people, family, neighbors, friends, to just get to where we are now.  Ultimately, our goal is to build a Wellness Center where people can come stay here at our farm in a "Retreat" style setting for a month at a time to learn how to take back control of their own heath.  During their month-long stay, guests will learn

  • How to grow your own organic food

  • How to preserve food

  • Juicing for detox and supplemental condensed nutrition

  • Stress Relief within nature itself

  • Meditation practices

  • Yoga and simple movement exercises

  • Earthing & Grounding practices

  • Group walks & support chats

  • How to prepare healthy meals

  • How to maintain your lifestyle change once you go home

  • ....and much much more

We will be wanting to build a large structure, barn-type with an open concept with a huge kitchen for classes.  We want to have either 6 rooms (each with their own bathroom) within this structure, or the building of a small little 1 to 2 bedroom/ 1 bath pod style structures for people to come and stay.  We believe it is vital for guests to be able to actually stay on site for the duration of the month-long education program.  The photos shown are simply examples and some ideas to get the juices flowing.  With grants and donations, we can make this a reality and begin the journey for many to reclaim their health.

party barn 1
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group campfire
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group cooking
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group hike
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party barn 4
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party barn 2
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cabin village
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guest cabins
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