Our Vision and Goal

Through our educations and studies in Organic Farming, Holistic Healthcare, Alternative Healing, Energy Healing, Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, we are fully aware that everything in this universe is connected and there is a higher consciousness and intelligence that is within us all.  We are “energy beings” always in vibration.

With that, we understand that what you focus your attention on, is what you draw into your life. You can have the very best diet, exercise and be in great shape, yet still be stricken with chronic illness. How can that be?  “Stress” is the number one killer.  How we let our thoughts and attention to something create the experiences in our lives is a huge part.  Our vision here at Pinedora Farms is having a place where people can come to not only get freshly picked organic food, but we’re going way beyond that.

We have all been so misled and put our trust into entities that do not have our best interest at heart, all for the sake of huge profits and power.  We’ve given our own power of ourselves away.  It is amazing to experience how so many people really have no clue where food comes from, other than the grocery store.  It is amazing how so many are trusting of their health to receive injections due to scare tactics, swallow a pill that is nothing but harmful addictive chemicals assuming it is an instant fix, or believe that these synthetic manufactured chemicals are far more better to our health that what nature has provided for millions of years that was created exactly for what living beings need to sustain life.

Our vision here is one that through hands on experience and educational awareness, people can come here to learn to take their power back and get control of not only their health, but what they create and manifest into their own lives.  We plan on building an educational facility that allows for people to come learn, even come stay at our “Bed and Breakfast” type rooms for extended periods of time.  We will teach people under supervised care how to detox, how to eat healthy, how to cook  healthy, and most important… to BELIEVE.  We believe in working with other doctors who believe in alternative methods of healing, including healthy diets filled with fresh organic food.

The quote by Henry Ford “Whether You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t, You Are Right” is one we believe whole-heartedly.  Every thought you think, there is energy behind it.  Every feeling you have, there is a magnetic response.  Each day, we meditate, drive around, walk around and just take time to reflect on already seeing the buildings, watching the buses bring to children through the gates for a field trip to our ELF Program, we see the people come to stay and connect with them, hug them, love them and take them by the hand to help them learn to heal.  Oh, what a magical place it is.  We plan on building homes for us, so we can finally get back into a “normal house” living and not RV’s.  We are very interested in constructing our homes using Hempcrete, plant fiber.  Hempcrete is mold resistant, maintains temperatures so its a better insulator, and most important with us living in the woods… it’s pretty well FIRE-PROOF!

The manifestation is in progress, and most of all we SEE and FEEL this vision.  When and how is not for us to know just yet.  We just keep taking our steps forward!