E.L.F.  Program
Educating Little Farmers

E.L.F.  “Educating Little Farmers” is a free program specifically designed to teach young children the importance of eating fresh foods that help to keep your body healthy and strong. Obesity and childhood illness are at epidemic proportions.  This is not normal and what children consume has a direct impact on their health for the rest of their lives.  We can all do our part to turn this around.  We've seen what happens when children become engaged and excited about something.  Some will even go home to teach their parents what they've learned.  Most children do not even realize that food does not come from a box or a drive through and have never even seen such vegetable growing, let along even have access to such organic, healthy food.  We want to change that.

We bring group of children out to our farm for a variety of different classes.  They learn by participating "hands-on" in preparing soil to plant seeds, what vegetables are friends and like to grow next to each other, how worms and other animals play a vital role in growing nutritious food, how they can harvest and prepare their own snacks or even eat them straight from the gardens.  As the children go through the different courses, upon completing, they will receive their ELF ears, a gardening set of their own, and a certificate of completion.  We also feel it is very important to have children teaching other children.  When a child completes all the courses, they are invited to participate in future groups of children and participate in our Internship Programs as Assistant Instructor Elves.  

In addition, we also encourage Seniors and Veteran's who would like to help us work with the children. Kids often teach the adults a thing or two.  This helps to create community and bonds between the children and others showing how we can all help and learn from each other.

If you'd like to help support this program and the children please use the donation button.  For any donations over $100, we will gladly send you a Donation Letter for you to use for tax deduction purposes. 

Greenhouse Gatherings


Three times a year; Spring-Summer-Fall, we open up our greenhouses and do educational classes for adults.  These often include:

  • Types of gardening spaces

  • Critter Control

  • Juicing benefits

  • Planting by Lunar cycles

  • Amending your soils

  • Organic fertilizers

  • Building your own soil

  • Companion Planting....

  • Fermenting

  • Seed saving

  • Sprouting

...and so much more.  Guests go home with information, handouts, seed packets (Spring), recipes and are served and Organic lunch with beverages.  Members receive discounts on this program. These have become quite popular and life changing for many who've attended over the years.

If you'd like to attend any of the gatherings, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you are notified when each one is scheduled.  Plus, keep checking our events page.