Our Greenhouse

People ask us all the time about our greenhouse.  We bought a 30’x72′ High Tunnel greenhouse from Jubilee Gardner’s Supply.  It took us a while to get it put up, but when we did, we were thrilled.  This is one of 3 greenhouses we plan on having.  Our family pulls together to pretty much build everything on our property.  We often have the help of our friends & neighbors, especially with this greenhouse since it was a very large project.  ** Put your curser over any picture to read about it.

The entire frame is made of steel piping.  When we got the first rib up, it was thrilling.  Then after a weekend BBQ with friends, we got the rest of the ribs up.  Each of the 13 ribs were pounded into the ground 3′.  Step by step, our “Fearless Leader, Kent Brewer” guided and helped us through every stage of construction on this. Us girls had our own tools and were right there a part of it all.  Even the baby was set up in her swing, so mommy could help drill screws in for the brackets. Each of the posts on the end wall framing was put into the ground 18″ and filled with concrete to preserve the wood.

Early April of 2017, with about 400 seedlings coming up, we had a bad wind storm and lost the top to the greenhouse.  It was quite a set-back, because we also lost all the plants inside and had to start over.  No tear, no time… just brush it off, and start again.  We ordered a new top from Reef Industries and got the heaviest one they had. Three-ply, 16 mil with cross threading throughout the entire material.   It was delivered via semi-truck.    When it came time to put the new top up, we actually had to climb on top or the frame in three different locations, and have others hand each of us one end of the top to pull as we walked backwards and made our way to the other side to pull this thing over.  It was exceptionally heavy.  We did it!  Once again, we got busy getting seedlings growing and ready for market.  Getting this greenhouse was one of the best investments we have made.