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How much does ill-health REALLY cost you, your group

or your business?

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Mind, Body, Spirit Nutritional Restoration Program


Work related injuries and illness, chronic diseases, absenteeism and sick employees who return to work before getting well cost U.S. employers billions of dollars each year.  An aging workforce and factors like stress, fatigue and depression all impact employers’ medical costs and employees’ productivity.

People who go to work when they’re sick (presenteeism) accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total cost of worker illness.  Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion dollars each year or $1,685 per employee.

Employers report: 

4 million non work-related injuries and illnesses annually

55 thousand deaths from work-related injuries and illnesses annually, compared to approximately 30,000 deaths annually from motor vehicle accidents.

Today’s workers face serious health challenges.

Fatigue:  Inadequate sleep leads to worker errors, low productivity and safety incidents which affect business profitability.  (Source: Moore-Ede, 2011; Rosekind et al. 2010; Sirois, 2007)

 Diabetes:  Medical costs for people with diabetes are TWICE as high as for people without diabetes.  In 2012 U.S. health care costa associated with diabetes was $245 billion dollars, a drastic increase from $174 billion in 2007 (Source: Diabetes Journal)

Obesity:  Full-time workers in the U.S. who are overweight or obese have other chronic health problems and miss about 450 million more days of work than healthy workers, costing more than $153 billion dollars a year in lost productivity.  (Source: 2011 Gallup-Healthways Well-being)

Stress: The number 1 workplace health issue. According to the American Psychological Assoc., chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: Heart disease, Cancer, Lung ailments, Accidents, Cirrhosis of the liver and Suicide.  Chronic stress can affect your brain, suppress your thyroid, cause blood sugar imbalances, decrease bone density and muscle tissue, raise blood pressure, reduce your immunity and ability to heal, and increase fat.

Outline of Class Courses


CLASS –1  “Intro to Nutrition” 

  • What is Nutrition: General Description.        
  • The Digestive System: An Overview of Gut Health and its Importance to Bodily Health.
  • Macro-molecules: What Food is Made of.
  • Smell, Taste, and Texture Demonstrations (Audience participation)
  • Brief Discussion of Dietary Trends
  • Handout Material Included:
  1. Necessity of Vitamins & Minerals. What do they do and where do they come from?
  2. Parts of the Digestive System.
  3. The Circadian Rhythms;  Your natural biological clock, daytime vs nighttime.
  4. Popular Diets and what they consist of.
  5. Hormones and their functions.

CLASS-2   “The Western Diet”

  • What Other Cultures Consume, and Why.
  • What is the Western Diet? -Examples of Ingredients in Common Foods & Label Review (Audience Participation)
  • Effects of the Western Diet: Health Problems in America Today.
  • How Stress plays a role in how you eat. (Audience Participation)
  • Why Fresh, Organic Foods are So Important.
  • What Does “Raw” Really Mean?
  • Handout Material Included:
  1. The “Slow Food” movement.  Opposite of The “Fast Food” movement.
  2. Common food additives and what they do.
  3. Organic vs GMO, what does that mean and why it is important to know.

CLASS-3  “The Healing Power of Foods”

  • What are “whole foods?”
  • What’s in Fruits and Veggies?
  • What’s in Grains, Legumes, and Nuts?
  • What’s in Herbs, Spices, and Fungi?
  • Handout Material Included:
  1. Healing with Foods;
  2. Health benefits of Fruits and Vegetables list
  3. Health benefits of Legumes list
  4. Health benefits of Nuts and Seeds list.
  5. Health benefits of Seaweeds list
  6. Health benefits of Honey list.
  7. Health benefits of Mushrooms list.
  8. Anti-oxidant list
  9. Alkaline vs Acidity list
  10. Glycemic Index list

CLASS-4  “What to Make With All This”

  • Microgreens: DIY Sprouting– Everyone takes home a jar and seed sprouts.  (Audience Participation)
  • Fermentation  vs. Canning: Taste Samples & Preparation Demonstrations.  (Audience Participation)
  • Juicing vs. Blending: Taste Samples & Preparation Demonstrations.  (Audience Participation)
  • Incorporating Other Macromolecules.
  • Putting It All Together: Recipe Making.
  • Handout Material Included:
  1. Recipes; Main course
  2. Recipes; Sides & Salads
  3. Recipes; Soups
  4. Recipes; Healthy Desserts
  5. Recipes; Kid Friendly Snacks
  6. Recipes; Juicing for Detox, Weight loss, General Health

CLASS-5    “Connecting the Body, Mind, and Spirit” 

  • How Thoughts and Emotions Affect Your Health. (Audience Participation)
  • The Importance of Movement: Why Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.
  • Yoga; Joining the Body and Mind. (Audience Participation)
  • Connecting the Mind and Spirit: Subtle Energies.
  • How All of This Could Apply in My Life.
  • Handout Material Included:
  1. Mental and Emotional Fitness, how it is critical to overall health
  2. Meditation Practices and Types
  3. Importance of Physical Fitness
  4. Breathing Exercises
  5. Top 10 Yoga Poses


….By  investing in your employees HEALTH and WELL-BEING

 Wouldn’t it be much more cost effective to encourage your employees to be at optimal health and love where they work?  Wouldn’t that cut down on absenteeism, work-place accidents, health care costs and increase productivity?  Which in turn results in higher annual profits.  Our Mind, Body, and Spirit, does indeed work together to create a healthier “YOU.”

 Join us in our  Nutritional Restoration Program! 

 Our 5-class course program is designed to work around YOUR schedule and what works best for you and your employees or group.  Each class is roughly two hours long.  We include interaction and hands-on participation, creating a fun, yet educational and enlightening  program.

We can schedule the 5 different classes, either  one class each week, for 5 weeks, one class each day for 5 consecutive days , or all 5 classes over a two-day period.  We can tailor it around your needs.

Each student attending receives a notebook with extensive class information packets given out for each class as the courses go along.   Students shall also receive DIY sprouting jars with sprouts of their choice to take home and works hands on during many of the topics.  We encourage students to participate in each class course.  At the end of the courses, students shall receive  a Certificate of Completion.

We bring our Classes to you!  Whether you are local in the area, or across the country, we bring the experience to your place of business or group setting  (additional travel expenses may be incurred).

This Nutritional Restoration Program course is $500.00 per person for all five courses, for a total of 10 hours of educational programs, Notebooks with printouts of Power Point presentations, reference material handouts, food sampling, cooking instruction, take home items, and two “formally trained, certified and degreed” instructors.  We do require a minimum of 5 people per program to participate.  We place value in the education we provide, and ask you to seek value in your health as well.

Please contact us to book your Nutritional Restoration program today.  Because your life really does depend on eating right.  PinedoraFarms   @

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