Last ON-LINE sale of the year!

Hi everyone!  Lots of things taking place here on the farm!  I’ll be a new grandma “Oma” any day now, and in two weeks, I will also be getting married to a man I first met 13 years ago!  Not to mention, finishing up on the new greenhouse as well, then hurrying up to start seeding for next year!

We have two more “live events” scheduled for the remainder of the year.  One in Payson at the Casino for Black Friday weekend, and one in Show Low mid December for Christmas.

This is more than likely going to be the LAST on-line sale I am going to post and offer until sometime next year.  This is the perfect time to stock up on products for yourself or holiday gifts coming up.

If you wish to take advantage of this sale, email me directly with what you would like at to place your order, along with your name, shipping address and phone number.  I will process your order manually.

I am offering:

BUY ONE SKIN CARE PRODUCT AND GET THE SECOND SAME PRODUCT FOR HALF PRICE! (Example; Buy one Rheumatizer at $24, get a second Rheumatizer at $12.00)

This offer is good through November 9th, 2019 (while supplies last)


2nd Greenhouse almost complete

We are about done with the building of our second greenhouse.  This one went up faster than the first one.  It helps to have a completed one to look at while building.  Thanks to some great people, we got it done and are now just waiting on the roof plastic to arrive!

We have already begun to “seed” for cold weather crops, in hopes to continue to provide fresh organic produce to you all.  Currently, we have some bibb lettuce, curly red and green leaf coming up with some ready for picking now.  We are working with neighbors who are also small growers and talking about going to up highway 260 and Pinedale Road to set up our tents and still provide freshly picked produce, even though the summer farmer’s markets have ended.

Between us, we should have a variety of lettuces, spinach, kale, swiss chard, radishes, beets, turnips and cabbages.  All cold weather crops.  Depending on weather, we may be able to set up in the Pinedale community center indoors for your convenience.  Don’t forget, we still have our hens and ducks laying fresh free range eggs.

If you are interested in still having freshly picked, local, organic produce to get during the winter months, please get a hold of us with your contact information and what you would be interested in.

End of Season Special

This Saturday, September 28th is the last day of the Show Low Market Season.  This is a great time to get stocked up on our products!  We have some special offers.  Stop by the market to find out what is going on!  We would love to talk with you and learn how you’ve been!!  Tell us what YOU would like to see in the future?  How can we tailor things to fit your needs?  After all, YOU are the reason we do what we do!

Our next event will be our Greenhouse Gathering here at Pinedora Farms on October 12th.  From there, we will be at the Payson Casino for our annual  Black Friday 2-day holiday event, November 30th & December 1st.  Finally on December 13-15th in Show Low at the Santa & Shoppes on Gingerbread Lane.  (See event page for detailed information).  Don’t forget, if you are out of town or state, we DO SHIP all over the US!


September Customer Discount Special

With all that we’re juggling right now (new greenhouse build, new baby, wedding & more) … we still have other things to take care of! To help spread out the load for me………..

I’m doing a PRE-ORDER special on our microwaveable heat packs that you use on those sore muscles, achy joints or simply help keep you warm.
Holidays are coming quick. Word is we are supposed to have another hard winter with really cold temps and a lot of snow. Get your orders in now and I’ll give you a discount. See attached photo for details and WHY OURS ARE SO DIFFERENT THAN THE REST AND WHY YOU NEED ONE!:
** Use the “Contact Us” form or email me direct with questions or orders.

Summer Greenhouse Gathering Fun Times!

You know the old saying “Like begets like?”  Have you noticed how you attract those around you with “like minds?”  I can’t begin to express how amazing it is to have the people we meet be of such like minds and become a part of our lives!  We had our Summer Greenhouse Gathering this past weekend, and we were so blessed with those who came to share it with us.

My daughter and I opened up our farm & greenhouse to help share and pass on a small portion of the education we have acquired, along with having everyone there participate and do the same!  I love it when people join together and help each other!

We shared our experiences with the pests we have encountered, what has worked for us and what has not.  For the gopher problem, I have to say the windmills we bought from Lehman’s are working amazingly well.  There are NO gopher holes in our outside garden area where we have the windmills on all 4 corners of the section.  Inside the greenhouse? That is still another story.  So far, we have found that the Fox Urine granules seem to work best for us, putting them outside of the beds.

We then went onto aphids.  So far so good for us this year, as we have a lot of ladybugs in the greenhouse along with a lot of calendula we planted among our beds.  Another one of our guests said she uses organic dish soap in some water and sprays the leaves at night, with having great success.  Yet another guest who has been doing gardening, teaching greenhouse growing for many years, also stated that when you plant an “eggplant” in the bed of whatever your growing, the aphids will be attracted to the eggplant first and is often used as the “sacrificial” or “deterrent”  plant, sparing your other crops.  Once that eggplant has aphids or other pests invading it, you’ll uproot it, take it out and burn it to destroy the pests.  I guess it is the sacrificial plant for sure.

Jenn and I also did a demonstration on juicing and what huge believers we are with that practice for good health, especially when there are chronic illnesses in play.  Detoxing the body and flushing the system, filling it with vital nutrients to increase your immune system is just what your body needs to have the tools to repair and rid itself of any disease.  We picked veggies right then for the juicing straight from our greenhouse and had other guests be on the tomato picking hunt for the process too!  It was so enjoyable.

Fortunately for us, we had a spare juicer handy, because our first one gets used so much, it quit right during the juicing demonstration.  No worries!!  Help was right at hand.  One of our guest mentioned his “Champion” brand juicer and the many attachments it has, wit the ability to do wheat grass as well.  That sounds like a winner for sure.  The biggest issue many have with juicing is the clean up.  It just is what it is.  It’s always best to drink the juice from the freshly picked produce right then because the nutrients, enzymes are alive and ready to do their work in your body!

We then shared with others, a little recipe card with a muffin recipe that utilizes the pulp leftover from juicing.  There are SO many recipes out there to learn from and try.  From muffins to crackers, there are a ton.    We want to thank everyone who came out to make it such a special day.  Our next one is in October and we hope you can join us!  Sign up for our newsletter so you are sure to get notice

Blessings everyone!  You are the one who creates the world around you!  Create wisely 🙂

A very successful New York trip!

I just got back from spending a week and a half on Long Island, with a side trip into the city and also to Connecticut where I got to spend 3 hours with Joe Geremia of Geremia Greenhouses, one of the largest greenhouse growers in the Northeast!  He graciously invited me to CT for the VIP treatment and tour of his growing facility.  We are very interested in incorporating growing flowers for resale to help make more available for people.  The more flowers that are spread around, the more pollinators are attracted to them and can help with the sadly decreasing Bee population. No bees… food production can come to a standstill.  So, flowers… here we come!  Thank you Joe! Great inspiration to us!

We also had a VERY successful business meeting with a man on Long Island, where I spent most of my time.  He was introduced to our natural products and asked about investing in our company.  What a blessing for us!  The man is a buyer for many stores and has a drive and passion to help businesses like our grow to huge potentials!  Woo hoo!!!  We are so thankful and grateful and look forward to expanding into countless stores.  You will soon be seeing our line have an over-haul new look!  Stay tuned!!

We are reaching out to anyone who either is familiar with or knows someone who does Grant Writing.  Pinedora Farms is a 501 C3 organization and we are in need of a Grant Writer to help us get more grants in so we can push our farming operation into full swing and get busy with helping more people heal themselves without all the drugs!

Don’t forget about this Sunday is our summer Greenhouse Gathering (July 28th) from 9:30 to 11:30.  We will be focusing on fall crops, the benefits of fresh juicing and even serve up some to those who attend!  Healing with food and positive energy is a very big part of what we are all about.

On a more personal note… my daughter Jennifer will be having her baby boy either close to the end of October, first of November.  This will make two grandsons and one granddaughter for this Oma!  Oh, and I’m getting married to a man I have been with for many many years.  We’re finally tying the knot this Nov.

Coyote, Shotgun and Quickly Healing!

Many of you know we have coyote issues here going after our livestock. Yeah! Zoe (the guard dog) is back for a little bit. A week ago, early in the morning as the sun was just coming up over the hill… a coyote was heading to our chicken coop. I grabbed the double barrel shotgun and went after it. It ran and stopped at the bottom of our hill with me facing east as the sun came up. Could barely thing a thing. I aimed as best as I could see where it was and fired. Yikes! I pulled both triggers and shot off BOTH barrels at the same time. It really knocked me! (I did have gun just inside my shoulder).. needless to say, I got a bad bruise and it went DEEP. I immediately began putting our “Regenerate” healing oil on it that we’ve been manufacturing for years and kept track so I could show you how well this oil works to speed up the healing. Today, ( 7 days later) it’s almost gone. Not bad! You can find it on our website in our store. You really want to keep some on hand!

PS:  I ended up wounding it.  🙁    Hope it went off somewhere and either died or stays away from killing my chickens and ducks!

The Summer Season begins!

Here we are getting ready for another season, which begins this Saturday, Memorial Day weekend!  We are so excited.  We love doing the Farmer’s Market here in Show Low.  We’re like a “Circus Family” as we get to reunite with the other vendors, and the locals who come to the market each week!  It sure has been a challenging winter season, even to have a “Winter Storm Warning” on my phone as of last night!  Yikes!

We have expanded our growing to a section outside and have a lot of “greens, beets and squashes” planted direct sow into the ground, which are coming up nicely.  Our only challenge there is the gophers.  Hopefully we have that issue resolved with the Mole Chasing Windmills we bought from Leemans.  We had our first Greenhouse Gathering last month, where do invite people to come out and see what’s going on.  We plan on doing 3 a year.  Spring, Summer and Fall.  The next one will be in July.

This Saturday, we will be split up into two locations.  Jenn will be at our regular farmer’s market location at the Farmer’s Market & Artwalk off Cooley between 9th & 11th streets, just south of Deuce of Clubs.  Our second location that day will be at an Expo we were invited to across the highway (literally) at the White Mountain Community Garden.  For those of you who don’t know yet… Woo hoo!!!  I’m going to be a grandma again!!  Jenn is pregnant!!  So, when you come to the market, you’ll see her baby bump!

Show Low Farmer’s Market & Artwalk

We will have our regular products there and “some” produce.  We will have our salad greens, Kale, Rainbow Swiss Chard and some Spinach, along with fresh eggs!   Our tomatoes are doing wonderfully with many on the vine growing right now.  Zucchini squash is forming as well.  We have a lot planted this season and are anxious for them to ripen up so we can bring to market for you all!  We absolutely LOVE when you guys come to see us and say hello!

Many of you had been commenting last season how you’d love to attend some classes that we give.  We have put together a 10 hour course, for larger groups, something the local hospitals have asked us to do.  We just recently put together some “home party” classes that are a mini version of the class courses we offer to groups.  Check them out on the website under Courses and Classes.  We love to share the knowledge we gather each day.  Jenn has also started her additional formal training with the college I went to, to get my degree in Holistic Healthcare.  We enjoy being able to pass on our knowledge into WHY it is so important to eat healthy food and how FOOD.. the basic necessity of LIFE… is what can heal you and restore wellness.  You just have to TRUST that your body knows how to heal itself and it really is that simple.  If you only did some homework and began looking into the food we are really eating, you’d be shocked and wonder how it is even legal.  Let us help you learn how you can help yourself!