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Check out our "Post-Event" Highlights

March 4th Sustainable Living Expo highlights

We all had a BLAST!  This was our first event of this kind.  The Solar Exchange and The Heat Pump Store, paid all the bills out of pocket so that all of the collected vendor fees and raffle ticket sales, could go in it's entirety to help Pinedora Farms buy the necessary building materials to help build some raised garden beds for local charities.  When you have everyone involved sharing the event with others and helping to spread the word...THIS IS THE KIND OF EVENT THAT COMES FROM IT. 

We had a huge crowd and the surrounding streets by the Elks Lodge were lined up with cars for this event.  We had so many vendors come up to us throughout the day, thanking us for inviting them to be a part of this and if they can do more events that we put on in the future.  The BEST part was, all of the guests who came to the event and helped make this such a success, also were coming to our table, "THANKING" us for putting on the event.  So many said it was something that is so needed to help educate people on this very topic.  Many asked when we are going to put on another one, because they want to come to any future events like these.  The "Wheels are Spinning with Ideas" for more people.  Stay tuned!

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