For the first time Pinedora Farms is offering an opportunity to have individuals or businesses to Adopt one or more of our raised beds inside both of our greenhouses, AND this comes with multiple privileges to those who want to be a part!

We are beginning construction putting block raised beds in our greenhouses for a multitude of reasons. Each bed shall be at least 16″ in height and 12′ long, allowing them more accessible for those in wheelchairs who would like to participate in our educational programs.  Most of the beds will be 4′ wide, but there is a small number of beds 2′ wide.

For those who wish to Adopt-A-Bed,  we will have individual placards on each bed, giving the name of the Adoptor, along with their website or other information they would choose to display or the name of someone they would like to have in “Honor of”.   To reserve your Adopt-A-Bed, please go to our “STORE” page and look for the Adopt-A-Bed category to make your donation.  Beds are limited, so reserve yours now!  Thank you!!

This is what each donor shall receive with their donation:

  • Donation receipt with our 501 C(3) EIN number and amount of donation for tax purposes.
  • 10% Discount on any produce or products purchased with the donation year
  • Placard displayed on each bed with donor’s name & website information or name of person you would like to have “In Honor Of”
  • Promotional photos/videos of your bed with advertised on our website and social media sites, including updates, visits with you to the farm in front of your bed(s). 
  • **Donation only, receives tax deduction receipt for donation.  Discounts apply to $50 donation and above.
  • There are two sizes to choose from.  The adoption fee for each bed will cover the cost of the blocks, the organic soils & amendments and hopefully we’ll be able to cover putting a watering system to each, as opposed to hand watering.
    • 4’x12’x16″ bed  $150.00 each bed
    • 2’x12’x16″ bed  $125.00 each bed.
    • **Donation only, no bed adoption. Tax deduction and discounts included $50.00
    • **Donation only, no bed adoption. Tax deduction included. $20.00
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