Pinedora Updates

We’ve had a lot of things going on here at Pinedora Farms.

It’s been a strange and challenging year for many, as we band together doing what we can to help each other through this pandemic.

We have been at The Truck Stop in Wagon Wheel each Saturday from 10-2pm and will be through at least the end of September.  After the City of Show Low shut down their long standing farmer’s market, the folks at The Truck Stop immediately stepped up to provide a place for so many vendors to set up and continue to try to earn a living!

We are not certain if we will be doing any farmer’s markets summer of 2021, so stay in touch to get the latest.  Currently we are planting for fall and winter crops with plants that are cold tolerant such as: Kale, Lettuces, Beets, Scallions, Swiss Chard, Winter squashes, 4 kinds of cabbages, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and working on carrots.  More and more people are coming to our farm to buy straight from the greenhouses.  We will continue to grow as long as we can into the winter and provide fresh organic produce.

We are also currently working on putting together online courses and classes on Health & Wellness issues, food preparations & preservations, off-grid living & sustainability, building, zoning, and tons more.  Our online classrooms will allow for students to interact with each other.  We will send out notices as soon as we get a few of the classes videod, edited and uploaded, and we will add more as quickly as possible.

We just added two new products to our store.  Magic Potion Lotion I used to make for years for overly excitable babies and children to help them calm down and sleep better.  Then a brand new hair mask to help unclog hair folicles, restore blood circulation and remove build-up from hair to make it softer and healthier. It’s called “Uncloggin’ Noggin”

We are struggling a little with our packaging.  We just brought in all new packaging, then the pandemic hit and I cannot get more until mid November.  Hmmm????  Okay.  Some of our products that we use up the new packaging will be temporarily in the prior packaging, until supplies are restored to me.

Our Thermal / Cold microwavable packs are in high demand right now.  If you’re interested in any and want to see what fabrics I currently have available to make them with, just get a hold of me through the contact form and I’ll send you pics to choose from.

Have a great beginning to fall coming up soon!

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