Sowing Seeds in January. 16,000 seeds and counting!
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Sowing Seeds in January. 16,000 seeds and counting!

    We are SO excited here on the farm!  Needless to say we’ve been exceptionally busy!  We wanted to give you an update as to what has been going on.

    We started seeding.  This is “Phase 1” for the two greenhouses.  Phase 1 means “succession planting.”  As these seeds sprout and grow, we plant another round to follow, so that we have continual plants growing hopefully through the end of the year.  This is NOT counting any seeds we’re starting to place in the outside open growing areas.

    In addition to all of what we’re planting to harvest, with a good deal of what we’ve planted, we are planning on potting some of them to sell as seedlings.  We have many customers who have small gardens at home and wish to have quality seedlings and plants to start when the weather warms in their own gardens.

    In the last week and a half, we have planted over 16,000 seeds (probably closer to 17,000) ONE BY ONE in our soil blocks, to be transplanted as they get big enough.  

    We are giving you all advance notice.  Before anything, and if all goes well, within the next month we will have fresh organic produce to sell.  These will consist of radishes, beets, spinach, lettuce, and Swiss Chards.  Although we have tomatoes and peppers (among others) those will still take time to mature.

    If you want to keep updated on what is growing and what is ready to be harvested, make sure you have “signed up for the “AVAILABLE PRODUCE” segment of the newsletter.  It’s a new part we just added.  

    The gallery below is a complete compilation of everything we have seeded as of right now, many of which have germinated and sprouted within the first 5-6 days.  We are treating them as our “babies” and taking every measure we know to keep them growing, safe and healthy.  You can scroll your curser over each photo to have the text name show so you know what that product is that we’ve started!  Stay tuned and follow along!!

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