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Dealing with the elements

Right before my first trip to New York, I had presumed that NY was mostly taxi cabs, subways and skyscrapers. Until I spent time there, I never realized how wrong I was. New York is mostly farm land, vineyards, open beautiful rolling green hills.  Then of course there is the fishing and marinas!

People who have never been to Arizona, often assume it is 120 degree temps and all snakes & cactus. They have no idea of the varied terrain Arizona really does have.  Currently, we are in Northeastern Arizona with an elevation of 6,500 feet!  We are in a gorgeous valley area, but the winds can be brutal! We often struggle here trying to build, repair or just get through the day when the wind gusts climb to 40-60+mph!!  I had no idea when we moved here, that we would often be colder and have more snow than my cousins in Sweden!  What do you do?  I think most areas where you live, there is some type of “weather” that you deal with.  For some they deal with tornadoes, some with hurricanes, some with scorching temps and others with freezing temps!

We made a trip to the Phoenix metro valley over the weekend to do some business and pick up some more fabric for our ever-so-popluar microwave heat packs since we ran out over the holidays, and people still wanting more.  Got some cool fabrics (see below).  They’re all flannel and outer casings are removeable and washable! Contact me if you’d like to know more about them.

We make it home yesterday, knowing it had snowed some more.  Walked into our RV (yes… still in the RV, ugh) and saw my kitchen sink faucet busted off laying in the sink!!  It could have been much worse.

We are hoping to start building an actual REAL cabin this year and get out of the RV!  I think using those new flex water lines are the way to go, plus if you have never heard of it before, we are looking into building with “Hempcrete!”

Hempcrete is made from industral hemp fiber, mixed with lime and water.  Once dried, it is a much better insulator, insect resistant and best of all, FIRE RESISTANT!    We’ve looked at all kinds of building material and really want to be a showcase of sustainability, and are gearing toward this building medium.

I’m including a link to a Youtube video building with hempcrete.

Love to hear your feedback!

Click here for video on Building w/ Hempcrete

Below are the new flannel fabrics.  Contact us if you need more info or which ones you want sewn/made for you to keep you warm this winter and the aches & pains at bay.

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