2nd Greenhouse almost complete

We are about done with the building of our second greenhouse.  This one went up faster than the first one.  It helps to have a completed one to look at while building.  Thanks to some great people, we got it done and are now just waiting on the roof plastic to arrive!

We have already begun to “seed” for cold weather crops, in hopes to continue to provide fresh organic produce to you all.  Currently, we have some bibb lettuce, curly red and green leaf coming up with some ready for picking now.  We are working with neighbors who are also small growers and talking about going to up highway 260 and Pinedale Road to set up our tents and still provide freshly picked produce, even though the summer farmer’s markets have ended.

Between us, we should have a variety of lettuces, spinach, kale, swiss chard, radishes, beets, turnips and cabbages.  All cold weather crops.  Depending on weather, we may be able to set up in the Pinedale community center indoors for your convenience.  Don’t forget, we still have our hens and ducks laying fresh free range eggs.

If you are interested in still having freshly picked, local, organic produce to get during the winter months, please get a hold of us with your contact information and what you would be interested in.

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