The Summer Season begins!

Here we are getting ready for another season, which begins this Saturday, Memorial Day weekend!  We are so excited.  We love doing the Farmer’s Market here in Show Low.  We’re like a “Circus Family” as we get to reunite with the other vendors, and the locals who come to the market each week!  It sure has been a challenging winter season, even to have a “Winter Storm Warning” on my phone as of last night!  Yikes!

We have expanded our growing to a section outside and have a lot of “greens, beets and squashes” planted direct sow into the ground, which are coming up nicely.  Our only challenge there is the gophers.  Hopefully we have that issue resolved with the Mole Chasing Windmills we bought from Leemans.  We had our first Greenhouse Gathering last month, where do invite people to come out and see what’s going on.  We plan on doing 3 a year.  Spring, Summer and Fall.  The next one will be in July.

This Saturday, we will be split up into two locations.  Jenn will be at our regular farmer’s market location at the Farmer’s Market & Artwalk off Cooley between 9th & 11th streets, just south of Deuce of Clubs.  Our second location that day will be at an Expo we were invited to across the highway (literally) at the White Mountain Community Garden.  For those of you who don’t know yet… Woo hoo!!!  I’m going to be a grandma again!!  Jenn is pregnant!!  So, when you come to the market, you’ll see her baby bump!

Show Low Farmer’s Market & Artwalk

We will have our regular products there and “some” produce.  We will have our salad greens, Kale, Rainbow Swiss Chard and some Spinach, along with fresh eggs!   Our tomatoes are doing wonderfully with many on the vine growing right now.  Zucchini squash is forming as well.  We have a lot planted this season and are anxious for them to ripen up so we can bring to market for you all!  We absolutely LOVE when you guys come to see us and say hello!

Many of you had been commenting last season how you’d love to attend some classes that we give.  We have put together a 10 hour course, for larger groups, something the local hospitals have asked us to do.  We just recently put together some “home party” classes that are a mini version of the class courses we offer to groups.  Check them out on the website under Courses and Classes.  We love to share the knowledge we gather each day.  Jenn has also started her additional formal training with the college I went to, to get my degree in Holistic Healthcare.  We enjoy being able to pass on our knowledge into WHY it is so important to eat healthy food and how FOOD.. the basic necessity of LIFE… is what can heal you and restore wellness.  You just have to TRUST that your body knows how to heal itself and it really is that simple.  If you only did some homework and began looking into the food we are really eating, you’d be shocked and wonder how it is even legal.  Let us help you learn how you can help yourself!


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