Spring Greenhouse Gathering

Spring Greenhouse Gathering

We so enjoyed the people who came out to our first Spring Greenhouse Gathering event, here at Pinedora Farms.  It was the first time we have opened up our greenhouse like this, even though people have been asking us to for the last two seasons.  We have decided to do this type of event three times a year for educational purposes.  Spring, Summer and Fall.

We were so lucky to have LeAnn Schmidt from the NRCS (National Resource Conservation Service; a division of the USDA) come out to talk with people about their program to help people get grants for greenhouses.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to eat freshly picked organic produce.  We ourselves were in the dark for most of our lives, until we started to do some research, get formal college educations and begin asking questions, and learn as a whole, with most commercially grown food.. is filled with poison.  Then people wonder why there is an epidemic of chronic health conditions.  We love the saying “Eat Like Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does!”

Due to the interest, we are planning on expanding to additional educational opportunities to share with you, including documentary screenings that are eye openers, so that you too can become aware of the food and health crisis taking place right under our mouths!

We will be posting more information on upcoming educational events that you can participate in.  Let us know if there is anything specific you have concerns with and we will be addressing all we can.

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