Getting the Greenhouse ready

It sure has been a long cold, wet, snowy, rainy winter this season.  During the big snowstorm, we got 3 feet of snow.  Yep, that put us behind in our work for sure.  Due to having a difficult season last year with the drought which brought on a ton of insects looking for food, and the stinkin’ gophers sucking our awesome plants down into their tunnels, we’ve had to make some changes.

We cannot chance the gophers destroying any more of our crops, so this year we have had to redo our raised beds.  Everything out, dug down, hardware cloth put at the bottom, then rebuild our beds on top of the hardware cloth and refill them.  I hope the mangy little critter chip a tooth on the wire if they try to get our produce again!  We used 1/2″  squares, 19 gauge galvanized cloth.  This should save our crops.

It has been an expensive endeavor with a lot of back labor and sore muscles.  But, we have to hurry since we’ve been starting seeds indoors for some time and they need to get put into their beds so we can have some produce ready for market this Memorial Day weekend!!

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