The Vision for Pinedora Farms

Many of you have known us since long before we became Pinedora Farms 2 1/2 years ago.  We’ve had a passion and desire to help others heal and educate as best as we can on the benefits of natural healing.  So much so, that years ago I went back to college to get my degree in Holistic Healthcare and Nutrition, plus much more, and my daughter & daughter-in-law went to college to get their certification in Herbal Medicine. The many people we came to know over the years who reached out to us for assistance or advice, and shared their stories with us, merely validated what we knew in our hearts a big dream and goal we wanted to pursue.  So began our journey of starting Pinedora Farms.

They say when you dream….dream big! Have a Vision. Have a goal.  That is how we live our lives and believe.  We are also believers in the “Power of Thought and everything in this vast universe being “energy”.   On nearly a daily basis, we will visualize our farm in full operation and express our thanks and gratitude for it all, as though it already is.

Our vision? Our goal?  We visualize Pinedora with at least 3 of the large high tunnel greenhouses, and with an acre in front of them for outdoor row farming to be able to produce even more organic food for our family and community.  We see our educational building across from the first greenhouse that we currently have, which will have an open concept downstairs, with a large kitchen and counter space allowing us for our food preparation classes.  Upstairs, there will be 4-6 rooms to double as a Bed and Breakfast type building, allowing for those who wish to come for an extended stay to learn, will have onsite housing.  There will also be a Yoga/dance room, massage room, large decks for outdoor gatherings, etc.

There will be 3 homes built to house each of our families, which we are anxious to be in and get out of this “RV Living”.  Let me tell you, this “tiny home living” popularity right now… ugh.  It is great for a time, but gets old when you are tripping over things because there is no place to store them!  LOL.

Of course more animals are very much desired.  Goats are in the very near future.  We plan on getting some horses, more than likely draft horses, so we can also use them to work on the farm, pull wagons, plow, pull stuck vehicles out of the mud/snow… and of course take them for rides in our gorgeous woods that surround us.

We also see buses bringing in children from all over.  This is a huge element we want to share and offer an education to as many children as we can.  We believe that teaching children about where real food comes from and the value of eating whole plant based meals can make a big impact on their futures and how they can be the next generation encompassing good health, as well as reverse chronic diseases that are now epidemic in children today.  They are the future.

We are excited to say that we are working closely with some hospitals right now, to implement nutrition classes to the employees.  This is so exciting to be able to merge and work together with doctors and staff and implement the importance of healthy eating.  We are honored to be chosen and honored to have this opportunity to work with such amazing people!

To add to our vision, we look to find the right connections to bring this vision to life and public awareness of the value of the small family organic farms.  We had recently been approached by one “reality show” staff asking questions to potentially feature us in an episode, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the right type of “farm truck” to fit the current need.  We have been putting together over the last year and a half, clips of our farm with the hopes of presenting a concept to a producer that could bring so much light to small family farms across this country, as well as the demand for local fresh food.  We continue on this search.

As mentioned, when we dream, we dream big.  But then, why dream small?  Our passion is to help heal, and we feel it is something that has been passed down through the generations of our family.  Thank you all for being a part of our lives and our dreams!

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  1. Hi I am scrolling through your blogs and I am amazed at your total efforts for dreaming big and I totally agree with you. Dreaming creates abundance and I also believe that when we dream we are also in a state of continuous prayer. Our heavenly father hears and will send his angels to help you along your way.

    I totally believe that there are four parts of a whole. The Physical, which can be seen as the work part but the physical also is in keeping your health or your body in optimum condition like being the example to others, so they will follow.

    The mental is the part of the brain that has clarity being able to visualize a clear picture as to where you want to take your dreams and by living a holistic lifestyle keeps the brain in optimum health. Some would express this as being Body mind and soul.

    To me, the Soul is two parts the body being one and the spirit being the other together they become one with God. The physical side and the spiritual side, if they are in harmony they create emotional stability.

    The emotional side is the side that most of us have problems with. Which carries a big impact on the Physical-self that can throw us into these auto-immunities that the world has been dealing with for a very long time. Creating sickness throughout the body. Without realizing it falling into the hands of our Medical world that are broken and creating more emotional upheavals, which in turn carry many people to an early grave.

    It is so nice to come across those that are working for a better tomorrow. Your work here will make a big impact on others and the awaking that is needed so badly and the only way to do that is educating others.

    Leading the way is always the hardest but I see a great movement taking place. Not only on personal levels but there are Medical doctors out there that are working on improving our health system. Compared to the world population there are still not enough and the big Pharma Gurus will have to be blown away for that to happen.

    I will leave that in the hands of the Father that is where faith comes into play. We have to believe that it will happen and it “!will!”.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling Just to finish off I would like to re-enforce the idea of the four bodies once again by keeping these in place you will do well because you have created balance, and I see you are well on the road in creating that. “Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual”.

    Always a better way
    sending blessings your way

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