Pinedora Weekly Issue 25

News This Week:

Sorry we missed you the last couple weeks folks, but we’ve been extremely busy preparing for the Big Event this Saturday! In case you missed the last issue, we are hosting an event on our property this Saturday, the 21st, to discuss the potential sale of a 4,200 acre piece of land in the Petrified Forest area to an oil/gas company. This company plans to come in this Fall and begin drilling, or fracking, underneath of the Coconino Aquifer. Now, if you have heard anything about fracking lately, you know it could be very bad, for all of us! If you don’t know what it is, fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process used to extract natural gas from deep within the Earth. There have been numerous reports lately of the negative effects this process is having on the health of local populations. From ground and surface-water contamination, air pollution, and even earthquakes, to cancers, birth defects, and all kinds of other health problems. Basically, we need to try and prevent this land sale from happening! If this water source gets contaminated (which, by the way, sits underneath of the entire Four Corners region), it could endanger millions of people! So if this is something that interests you, or you would like to help be involved with, please join us at our event this Saturday! It begins at 4:30 pm and there will be a documentary shown about fracking, as well as some guest speakers and musicians. We also have a petition going around to try to get fracking banned in AZ altogether. So help us do the right thing and keep these corporations from destroying our lands! For more information or directions to the event, contact us at or      And as Smokey the Bear said in the last article… ‘Only YOU can prevent faucet fires!’

Here’s the link to the Petition if you are unable to attend the event:              

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