Pinedora Weekly Issue 16

News This Week:

Last week was intense, to say the least! Between the fire, the winds, and the freeze that followed, we definitely learned that our biggest challenge here is by far the elements. But we find ourselves inspired, rather than discouraged. Things could have turned out much, much worse than they did and we consider ourselves extremely blessed despite the hardships. We have replanted what was lost in the greenhouse and we’re back on track with everything. This week we will also be potting up any seeds we have left for the purposes of selling whole plants (along with all our produce) at the weekly Show Low Main Street Market starting next month. But all this time spent in the sun lately really makes me wish that we were still making our all-natural sunscreen that we made under The Good Stuff company years ago. However, we gave our recipe to a dear friend who also attends the same markets. So if you are looking for a great all-natural sunscreen, contact us and we will let you know where you can still get it from- it’s fabulous!!

Health & Wellness:

For as long as mankind has lived under the sun, there have been sunburns. Various cultures throughout history have been known to use indigenous plant-life for sun protection, and the use of zinc oxide paste goes back for thousands of years. Synthetic sunscreens were first created in the early 1900’s, and with them came the ever-increasing risk of skin cancer. And while the first melanoma was discovered in the late 1700’s during the rise of modern science, the ever-increasing part goes along with the ever-increasing use of chemicals in cosmetic products nowadays. We slather on these products that are supposed to be protective, and then bake out in the sun all day while these chemicals are being cooked into our skin. And if you think about it… what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body- since the skin is the largest organ of the body- so shouldn’t what you put on your body be as healthy as what you put in your body??



  1. Goes along with some I know who faithfully used sunscreen when out in the sun over many years. Very scary. I will pass this information along and look for that sunscreen you recommended. Can it be homemade?

    I am also DYING for a tomato that tastes like a tomato. I will be attempting to grow tomatoes in my greenhouse and many some outdoors this summer. Have not had a garden in several years.

    Miss seeing and talking to you in the library!

    • Celia, we just passed on our recipe for natural sunscreen to another vendor friend of ours. Contact us and I will give you their information and you can get a hold of them, plus they will be at the Show Low Farmer’s Market every Saturday just down from us. That starts Memorial Day weekend. 🙂 Miss seeing you too!!

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