Papa’s Fire Cider

My daughter Jennifer, the herbalist, began making a fire cider last year, which has become a big seller.  Fire ciders can help with a variety of issues, especially that of helping to boost one’s immune system.

She came up with a great recipes made with Red Onions, Jalepeno Peppers, chopped Ginger Root, chopped Horseradish Root, chopped Garlic and cut up Red Onions.  All of these ingredients soak in an organic Apple Cider Vinegar for over a month to extract the medicinal properties of the ingredients, not to mention the benefits of apple cider vinegar itself.  Some batches are a little hotter, depends on the jalepenos.  Taking a shot of this a day has been amazing for our customers and ourselves to help boost our immune system and do a blood cleansing. We have some customers who add a little spice to some of their drinks.  With this crazy freezing cold temps, then sunshine, then cold temps, its easy to start getting run down.  Don’t let the cold or flu sneak up on you.

My grandson is getting better at taking some, but many of the boys… shrug their noses at the ingredients, especially the vinegar.  Put your big boy panties on, get healthy.  Watch this video of my 2 year old granddaughter having some… and asking for more!!  It really is packed with amazing flavor!!  Click on the link.

Baby girl LOVES Papa’s Fire Cider


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