Challenge? Keep those seeds warm!

Zucchini and Butternut squashes

It isn’t so much of an issue that we’re off-grid, which makes our energy source a challenge, it’

s the fact that we really need MORE!  We need way for than 8 solar batteries for storing the energy and way more than 12 solar panels.  We definitely need to add to those tremendously, including adding wind turbines.  Since today is a cloudy day, and it is expected to have some clouds, rain and perhaps snow over the next week, trying to keep my seed starting going has become quite a challenge.

We cannot use grow lights and start indoors like many.  For one, we simply do not have the room.  While the greenhouse is staying pretty warm during the day, the night time temps still drop too much.  I have a small selection of seedlings doing very well, and needing in the ground soon.  I’ve laid these trays over the floor heaters to keep that soil warm, yet it doesn’t run all day all night… so it takes them longer to sprout.

I’m starting a lot more seeds, yet for the sake of space and wanting to keep seeds warm, I am actually starting the germination process in some zip lock bags with wet paper towels and the seeds tucked in side.  I am keeping these inside a tub of warm water, to give a kick start of warmth and moisture to germinate the seeds.  Once we get past this week of weather, those seeds should have germinated and begun to sprout inside of the paper towels, to which i can then transfer into some trays to let them grow a little before they go into the ground.  Our winter months have obviously become our most challenging.  Yet, we can’t wait until warm weather outside to get anything growing, otherwise our summer season will be cut way too short.

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