Pinedora Farms Weekly Issue 29

News This Week:

I apologize that last week’s issue was sent out a couple days later than normal, but it has been a busy start to the season for us. And even though winter doesn’t officially start for another week and a half, it has already begun around here. We’ve been fighting against snow and breathtakingly bone-chilling winds trying to finish the last of our winter preparations. The chickens are nestled in, the fire wood has been gathered… but what about the greenhouse??

Well, we’ve done lots of research over the last year and decided to change the entire layout for our spring plantings. The cold really didn’t agree with our recent seedlings, so we feel this is the perfect time to fine-tune our growing practices. We’ve built up some great soil over the last couple seasons, but we feel that using raised beds, as we have done, has really limited our potential growing areas. We have nearly 2,400 feet of inside growing space, including vertical planting, but less than half of that has been utilized so far. We know we can do better!! So by next market season we will be filled to the brim with all kinds of fresh, locally-grown produce; and hopefully in the process of building our second or third greenhouses for specialty crops, sprouts, micro-greens and more! Not to mention the outside growing areas we’ve been working on…

Health & Wellness:

“If at first you don’t succeed,

Try, try, try again!

– Thomas H. Palmer

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