Struggling with Illness

I think every family is going through something these days.  While this is exceptionally personal and private time to our own family, we decided to share a little bit, in hopes of perhaps helping another family going through something similar.

Having been formally educated in holistic nutrition and healthcare, as well as herbal medicine, it is so difficult to struggle with an illness in the family.  What makes things harder is when you know how to help and potentially turn around a health crisis, yet dealing with the psychology end of things adds an entirely new element to the picture.  Having lost my own mother to cancer (within a month) and knowing what to do to help her, it was difficult to surrender to her wishes of “just letting her go” to be with my dad who passed 4 years earlier.  I didn’t count on having to deal with that.  Letting go is very hard.

Currently, my only sibling left is my sister who is still young, yet suffering from Early On-set Alzheimer’s in part due from an accident she had at a young age.  I know how to help her with food, I know what foods can literally help to turn this ailment around, yet dealing with someone who is lost within their own mind, you often have a battle on your hands.  You also have to know when to not fight, for the battle can be more detrimental to their health.  Again, it is knowing when to push and when to back off.

It bothers us so much to know that we have an amazing opportunity to help others recover from chronic illnesses and or diseases through the use of pure whole food, which in itself has the ability to strengthen the body to fight back on its own.  Yet… so many choose not to believe in such a simple solution.  We’ve been conditioned over the years to believe that “taking a prescription” is the only help.  As we discover more about these prescriptions (if one were to do their homework) you’d find just what is really contributing to the illnesses.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to help, doing our best to feed healthy food, doing our best to cope.  We’re sneaking in specific herbs and veggies we know can help.  It isn’t easy.  She is used to her “pattern” and TV dinner’s she’s been used to eating for years. She doesn’t like that we try to get her to eat healthy.

When you’re dealing with Alzheimer’s and memory loss, helping someone feel safe and comforted is huge.  With my sister, one of the only things she’s connected with in years are “animals.”  Today’s been a rough day for her, for us.  It’s cold, winter is setting in.  She just wanted to be under the covers and sleep.  I decided to take one of our favorite chickens over to her and let her have some “therapy” time with “Goldie.”  I’ve been going over every 10-20 minutes to check on her, and with each checkup, I find her loving on Goldie even more.  Talking with her, putting a smile on her face.  I saw my sister again, I saw life in her eyes, even if just for a moment.  Goldie, one of our hens… made contact with her and gave her some love she needed.

There are times when there is no better medicine for someone, other than the love and comfort from an animal!

If you or a family member are suffering… and would like some additional opportunities or coaching on how to boost your immune system so that yours or their bodies actually has the power to fight back and recover, please don’t wait so long to get help, that their mind no longer wants it.  Please contact us.  It’s what we’re about and what we have been formally educated on and what we do. I stand by what the Father of Medicine, “Hippocrates” said many moons ago… “Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Thy Medicine Be Food.”

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