Chicken house insulation

It’s December 6th, and we have frigid temperatures here at Pinedora Farms.  Last night we had a few flurries of snow, but nothing that really stuck to the ground.

The chickens we chose to raise are all “cold hardy” hens, so they really do well in the freezing temperatures.  We’ve been meaning to finish up on the insulation, yet still need to get more.  Today, I went out to use what we had laying around to help add some warmth to the girl’s house during the night.  I only was able to put insulation on 1/2 of the coop, but what a difference it has made already.  There is always something to fix, repair, add to, or begin when you’re living off-grid or on a farm.  Work is never done and sometimes the funds to do all that is needed, just isn’t there.  So, you make due with what you have, you improvise and do the best you can.

I had a couple of rolls of insulation and a partial one in our well house that we didn’t use.  So, those all went to good use to help insulate the chicken coop a little more.  We also have some hardwood/plywood that Home Depot had donated to us earlier in the year, so we just added some pieces after the insulation to try to spread as much as we could.  There’s still lots more work to do, but…. I feel way better knowing our girls are much warmer tonight!  Especially since our temperatures are in the “teens!”

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