Pinedora Weekly Issue 27

News This Week:

Once again friends, we have been bested by the frigid winter weather. These early freezes have taken a toll on our greenhouse already. It would seem that our choices of alternative heating methods have proved ineffective thus far, but worry not, because we’re not about to give up! This is only our second winter here at Pinedora, but since we were still building the greenhouse last winter, this is actually our first season trying to grow in the cold. And even though it’s only November, we’ve already learned a lot. We’ve been adjusting things in an attempt to have a bit of a harvest this season and will keep you posted on our progress. Even though we have to start over and replant several beds, our carrots, onions, radishes, and kale are still doing fantastic. Plus we get about a dozen eggs daily if anyone is interested in free-range, organic eggs from our chickens and ducks. Use the contact form for more details or send an email directly.

Health & Wellness:

Crystals have held a place of honor since human life began. From decorations and status symbols to tools, weapons, healing aids, clocks, computers, and more! They have thousands of uses and properties, especially in the healing arts. Ancient cultures knew of the bond between gemstones and crystals and the human body. We are all made of energy and different stones have known abilities to affect certain areas and illnesses. For example: Diamonds have been a symbol of wealth for countless years and are traditionally used for engagements (as they are said to enhance the love of a husband for his wife), but Diamonds are also an amplifier, increasing the energy of anything they come in contact with. They are also said to help with the treatment of glaucoma, clear eyesight, and benefit the brain. They help treat allergies, chronic conditions, and re balance the metabolism. So do a little research on your favorite ring, watch, or necklace. It may just have more than beauty and style going for it!

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