Garlic & Onions


Currently, we are in the process of tilling and preparing a 60 foot square section of land to the south of the greenhouse that will become a small outside garden area.  Besides having greenhouses, our plans of growing outside are also expanding a great deal. Our first veggies to be planted in it are the garlic & onions.

As some of you may know, last year we got a late start on things because we were busy building our greenhouse, and just didn’t have the time to focus on getting garlic in the ground.  By the time we could actually plant our garlic & onions, the ground was already frozen.  There wasn’t much of anything we could do but wait out the winter.  I knew of other people who would plant the first of February each year and had amazing success with massive amounts of beautiful sized bulbs.  So, I stayed hopeful.

Nature sure seems to have her own way of doing things and there really is not much to dispute.  You do not have much of a say, you simply try your best and work WITH mother nature.  Unfortunately, we were not able to get the ground up, mulched and fertilized until the first of March!  Being the stubborn one I am, I still wanted to give it a try.  My cloves were starting to go bad and I needed to do something.  I was thrilled when they started to come up, even onto having fabulous “garlic scapes!”  Yet, the bulbs never got very big.  Okay, done.  We will start again next season.

So, this year we are getting a jump start on everything in order to produce the best quality, full-sized garlic and onions possible. We’ve been working the soil and creating a much larger bed area.  We acquired a nice amount of organic manure, which garlic loves.  So, out there I go to hurry up and get the ground finished and garlic in the ground!

GREAT!!!  The tiller just broke!  Ugh, always something isn’t it.  No worries.  One of the things we have all learned out here is to adapt, do your best to take care of a problem, then move onto the next task.

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