Wish List!

Being a 501 C3 non-profit corporation, we work very hard to keep our farm afloat!  Our E.L.F. program for the children is something we offer free to the children to help educate and build interest with the kids to teach them where real food comes from.  The rest of our programs, services and products we offer to help raise funds to sustain the needs of the farm and those who work it.  Let me tell you, it isn’t always easy, but we are believers of positive thinking and manifesting your own realities.

We decided to make a list of some of the things we could use around here, to help make life on the farm easier, and increase what we are able to do for others and provide.    We could use some help here, if anyone has the ability or anything extra laying around they were wanting to get rid of anyway.  We can provide a letter of donation for you to use as a tax deduction.


1):  A “running” tractor that has attachments to be able to use it for A) Snow Plowing & pulling stuck vehicles out of the mud  B) Grading and leveling  C) A mower to keep the grass down (fire hazard) and looking neat  D) Tiller/Plow to plow larger sections of land to increase the amount of organic produce we can offer to the local communities.

2):  Deer Fencing to put around open farming outside to protect the crops

3):  Snowmobile/Snow shoes etc:  To help us get around in 3 feet of snow when vehicles can’t move.

4):  Lumber:  2x10x10’s for raised beds, 2×4’s or 2×6’s for building animal shelters.

5):  New septic and installation.

6):  Wheel barrels, quad cart.

6):  Any cash donations to help with monthly operation costs of animal feed, propane, straw, fuel, and basic operation expenses.