Thank you Phoenix Sun’s!

Last year I had applied online to the Phoenix Sun’s charitable giving program to potentially receive some tickets to one of their games so that we can share with the children of our E.L.F. Program “Educating Little Farmer’s.

Out of the blue, I received an email from the Sun’s letting me know they had chosen us to receive 20 tickets to one of their upcoming home games on March 13th!  Woo hoo!!!  I was so excited!  My only problem was, since we live up north, we were literally buried in 3′ of snow.  I couldn’t get the kids up here down to the valley, so I called upon my “Calvary Couple”, Nolan & Carole West.

“HELP!  We have tickets to take the kids to this game and we can’t get there!”  Once again, Nolan & Carole sprung into action to round up a bunch of kids to take to the game for us.  Our valley ELF kids!  It was a great experience for the kids, and all but one had never been to a sporting event before.  They had such a great time.

Thank you Phoenix Sun’s!!  If your charity would like to do the same, just visit the Phoenix Sun’s official website and apply online.  They are so generous to do something like this for these kids!  Our ELF kids LOVED it!