30-day Holistic Nutrition Program



If you’re ready to take back control of your own health, and learn how to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, then listen up! The “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates said “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Food.”   Learn how to put REAL food in your body and allow your body to heal itself!  Stop wasting your money on the latest “fad” diets and ending up in worse shape or gaining even more weight!

We have a formal education and college degree centered around Holistic Healthcare and Nutrition.  We will customize a 30-day program specifically for YOU to help you go through a detox, integrate real whole food back into your lifestyle, recipes and a step by step daily routine of how to take your health back.  Let us put our education to work for you!

You are not a “One size fits all” person, nor should you follow such.  We send you an extensive questionnaire and either do an “in person” chat or one via video conference to get to know you even better.  From there, we get to work researching our plan specifically for you. We set up a 30-day plan for you that is a step by step instruction guide with educational information and recipes for you to follow.  Your own body knows what to do, you just need to give it the right tools.  YOU have to be involved and apply what you learn to getting your health back.  The food you eat can either contribute to killing you, or HEALING you. Which do you prefer?

Program comes in a printed binder format.  We generally spend up to two weeks researching and preparing your customized 30 day plan.

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