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  1. Goes along with some I know who faithfully used sunscreen when out in the sun over many years. Very scary. I will pass this information along and look for that sunscreen you recommended. Can it be homemade?

    I am also DYING for a tomato that tastes like a tomato. I will be attempting to grow tomatoes in my greenhouse and many some outdoors this summer. Have not had a garden in several years.

    Miss seeing and talking to you in the library!

    • Celia, we just passed on our recipe for natural sunscreen to another vendor friend of ours. Contact us and I will give you their information and you can get a hold of them, plus they will be at the Show Low Farmer’s Market every Saturday just down from us. That starts Memorial Day weekend. 🙂 Miss seeing you too!!

  2. I was so happy when you decided to continue making the Youth Enhancing Facial Oil! I had a spare and recently gave it to a friend for her birthday. Then I thought “oh no, I should have checked and make sure you still have it!” Of course you did, and I immediately ordered one!! Also love the leave in spray hair conditioner. I would love for you to continue making the Ex-Derminate. I used it just recently and wondered what I will do when it’s gone!

  3. A good, full nights, uninterrupted sleep has always been difficult for me. My mind is always going a million miles a minute. Any suggestions.

    • Though the body needs only a couple hours of rest to recharge its batteries,the brain and nervous system can suffer without the necessary 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Insomnia can stem from a nervous system imbalance, potentially related to other stress factors in your life, but can generally be corrected with proper nutrition and natural herbal remedies. I recommend looking into a Valerian root and Skullcap tincture- Taken before bed or throughout the day this can be very beneficial to the nervous system. But remember that insomnia is only a symptom of an imbalance. It is important to look at the greater picture and correct the cause.