Our Greenhouses

We have just completed the construction of our second greenhouse!  Both are Zimmerman’s hightunnels out of Missouri.  They are both 30’x72′ by 14’high in the center.  The frame is steal, with each post sunk 32″ into the ground and the end wall framing cemented into the ground down 18″.

With both greenhouses, we chose to add to the strength of the structure and order “W” trusses to handle the wind and snow loads.   After an expensive lesson after the building of our first greenhouse, when we lost the top to the greenhouse just 4 months after we built it, we replaced the top with a REEF INDUSTRIES 16 mil 3-ply plastic with cording going through the entire top.  The 6 mil plastic that comes with the kits, just cannot endure the strong winds we have here and we need something stronger.

With the newest greenhouse, we are going with a 12 mil 3-ply corded plastic also from REEF INDUSTRIES.  We don’t want to keep going through plastic and we take the extra measures to build endurance into each one.

This second greenhouse, we acquired through a grant from NRCS (National Resource Conservation Service) and have put in for 4 more for next year so we can really be providing more organic freshly picked produce for our community.  Where we reside in Northern Arizona, there really are very few growers, especially organic growers.

In the very near future, we will be transitioning to become “Certified Organic Growers.”  We take what we do here very seriously and aim to provide the best tasting, nutritious, healthy, organic produce not only for our growing family, but for our neighbors and community.  We are looking to be joining with a few other local organic growers to offer produce on a year-round basis.  During cold months, we should have greens such as various lettuces, spinach, kale, swiss chard, beets, radishes, turnips, cabage and more.  Stay tuned and follow us as we grow!