Pinedora Farms has been approached to help join the battle in protecting our lands from environmental contamination.  We have recently learned about Hydraulic Fracturing (FRACKING) and how it impacts the communities, the water sources, causes earthquakes and endangers many.  We are told gas & oil companies and investors are potentially looking to acquire about a million acres to drill wells and extract Helium from Northern Arizona. The problem is, doing it right over/under our main Aquifer that supplies pure fresh water to four states.

We are an Organic Farm and totally Off-grid, to which our water source for farming comes from our well that has pristine pure water.  To learn that this can be in danger of contamination, which affects our entire way of life for pure living and being Environmentally Friendly.. is very upsetting.  We urge you to get involved.  We will continue to update our viewers as to how you too can help and get involved, spread the word, expose the issues and help ban these methods of drilling for oil and gas… and push toward renewable energy.  Many countries are banning this practice due to the dangers involved.

We had an educational event on our land this past July 21st to host the group and provide an opportunity for them to help bring awareness to others about the dangers of Fracking.  We had a great time and give a huge hand of applause to Lisa Test (brave woman who spear-headed this awareness group) and the many others who came out and joined her.  To learn more about Fracking and how you can become educated and perhaps get involved with this group, please visit their website:

I asked Lisa Test (the one who started this group) what she would like to say about what is going on……

“I will never give my kids frack water to drink. And, if they contaminate the water we will have to move.” An audience member replied by saying, “Where will you go? They’re doing this (fracking) everywhere.” We need to stand up for the future of our region. For our children’s futures. If we don’t, who will? We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

~Lisa Test