E.L.F. Educating Little Farmers

E.L.F.  “Educating Little Farmers” is a program specifically designed to teach young children how to grow their own food, the importance of healthy soil and to follow the lead of nature.  Most children have never had the opportunity to see anything grow, let alone have fresh healthy organic food to eat.  Obesity in children is out of control and childhood illnesses are on the rise.  We’ve seen what happens when children become engaged and excited about something.  They often go home to teach their parents about what they’ve learned.  This is our focus.  To teach children about healthy foods, how to prepare foods, how animals and plants work together and the impact they can have on so many others.

We plan a day trip for the children.  We spend a lot of time with them in the greenhouse teaching them about the foundation of good soil, means nutritious food.  We have them participate in blending nutrients, planting seeds, trimming plants and eating right off the vine.  When children become a part of something they are growing themselves… it tastes that much better.  They’re starving for knowledge.  With your help, we can give it to many children.

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