Corporate Retreats

Coming soon…..  Summer of 2018

Pinedora Farms will be offering Corporate Retreats with an exciting camping adventure in the mountains of Northern Arizona on our farm.  Here, company groups can come participate in hands-on experiences. Groups will learn about:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Organic Farming
  • Self-sustainability
  • Off-Grid living
  • The value of animals in farming
  • Herbal remedies
  • Earth energies & frequencies – including crystal therapy
  • Yoga & Meditation

Selected groups will be provided this rare opportunity of a 3-day learning weekend in tents set up around the campfires.  Although back to basics, guest will enjoy healthy prepared fresh meals from food grown right here on our farm that groups will harvest themselves.  Guests will learn how to restore good health, prepare healthy foods and regain energy and vitality, reduce stress, which in turn results in better health and higher productivity and less time taken off work for illnesses.  **In the evenings, groups will find themselves circled around the campfires, enjoying good times and music.

** Weather permitting

Contact us for further information and reservations.   Book early to insure dates desired.