Corporate Retreats & Educational Courses

It is our goal here at Pinedora Farms to give you a weekend of education and opportunity.  We believe that true wellness is achieved by understanding the connection of Mind-Body-Spirit as one.  You can eat healthy all day long, but if your stress factor is up and your mind is not right, you could still fall subject to a host of chronic illnesses and conditions.  We believe “Knowledge is Power” and only you have the ability to gain control over your own life,. You need to look beyond what is in front of you and choose to step outside of the box and be an “active participant” in your own well-being.

Over a 3 day, 2 night weekend, we offer a variety of hands on educational experiences for your group to participate in, which incorporates the core principals of nature and the values of long ago. We help you to become reintroduced to the amazing power that your mind, body and spirit holds deep within you.  Each class is designed for your benefit to learn from, take with you and engage into a new world if you so choose to.  We are about giving you the knowledge to restore your own health and vitality through various means.  We educate others on the benefits of organic life, alternative energy and how living in harmony with nature, provides each of us with a simplicity we can come back to, when we need to take those moments to reconnect with life and living.

Groups can choose 10 hours of educational courses to engage in over the 3 day weekend.  You will be hands on, learning by experiencing, and taking home with you, specialty items to remind you that you alone, control your health and destiny.  You will spend time on a 19 acre “Off-grid, Self-sustainable farm” and stay on a neighboring 25 acre equestrian themed estate (yes, you may bring your horses if you wish for an additional fee).

We will put guests up in and exclusive Executive Bed and Breakfast Equestrian Estate where many of the classes will be held.  There are 5 additional bedrooms in this home that guests can stay in.  3 rooms with one queen size bed each and 2 rooms with one full size bed each.  This is comfortable for 8 guests.

Come join us for an all inclusive weekend of;

3 day, 2 night stay in an Executive Bed and Breakfast equestrian estate

Gourmet meals

Wine Tastings

10 hours of  educational courses 

Hiking and nature walks

Endless trails over historic and scenic terrain

Gift baskets

** Massages are available additionally, upon request

From the following list, you can choose the courses your group participates.  You group can pick 10 course of their choice from the menu below from any combination of categories to participate in over the weekend.  Each course topic list how long the classes are.  There will be breaks of 15  to 30 minutes in between classes, depending on the course.


Hands on food preparation classes   (Each class is a 2 hour course conducted in the main house kitchen)

How to detoxify your body and restore heath through juicing. Groups will participate in learning about the benefits of juicing, which fruits and veggies have the best impact, and create their own juice in the kitchen.

Raw food meals, its more than just salads:  Raw foods have live enzymes which help the body fight against illness.  There many ways to utilize ingredients to make delicious meals.  Groups will practice in the kitchen making a “Raw Food” dish.

How to make healthy meals on a budget and in a hurry.  For today’s fast paced lives, people have less and less time to spend in the kitchen.  We show the groups how they can prepare healthy meals that won’t cost a fortune, and yet are not time consuming to make.  This includes food storage for quick heating on those busy nights when you don’t feel like cooking.

Got the munchies?  We got you covered.  Most of us get the munchies from time to time.  Rather than reaching for a bag of chips or something that is unhealthy, we teach you how to create your own snacks that are not only good for you, but very tasty as well.  You can feel good about snacking once again, and even take to work with you.

Fermentation; Probiotics for beneficial gut health.  Digestive health is one of the most overlooked aspects of total body health, yet is one that can create the most side effects resulting in severe illness.  Each group member will have the opportunity to have their own mason jar of a fermented food they learn to process to take home with them.

Herbs & Sprouts. Tiny plants that pack a punch:  Herbs have been used for thousands of years for ceremonial reasons, food and most of all, to increase health.  Sprouts are young plants that come up and can grow & eated in less than two weeks.  Groups can learn the valuable properties of various herbs and sprouts, then start their own sprouts in the beginning of the weekend, watching them do their magic over the next few days.  They’ll take their own jars home and learn how to duplicate these methods in their own daily lives at home.

Guilt-free desserts you can indulge in:   Most people like to have some desserts once in a while.  Learn to make natural desserts, without sugar, using healthy ingredients.  Groups will be hands on in the kitchen learning about new ingredients and how to turn them into something you don’t have to feel guilty eating.

Greenhouse    (Each course is 1 hour and will be conducted in the high tunnel greenhouse)

How can I grow in a small space?  Groups will learn how to turn a small section in their backyards or even apartment balcony, into a space where they can grow some of their favorite healthy foods.  You just have to get creative.

Soil; The foundation of better health.   Groups will work soils and learn about  adding nutrients.  What you grow to eat will only be as nutritious as what they can get from the soil.  It isn’t “just dirt”, there is an entire microbiology taking place and contributing nutrients, right under your nose.  Feed the dirt!!

Composting and recycling water; How to utilize waste to your benefit.  There are many kitchen scraps and yard scraps you an use to create your own compost to use in your gardens at home.  Composting is a huge benefit to adding nutrients.  Recycling gray water isn’t as difficult as it seems, and its is a great way to reuse it to water landscape.

To seed or sow? When to plant, and who likes what?  Many plants prefer warm soils and some actually prefer cool temperatures.  Groups will learn about germination, whether to start seeds indoors or direct sow into the ground.

Companion planting and natural pest control;  Plants have their own “clicks” as well.  Some prefer to grow next to other flowers or vegetables and some plants hate to be near certain ones and refuse to grow.  Group will learn about how to utilize other plants (even insects) to  grow better and healthier foods without having to use any pesticide or even herbicide.

Vertical growing; getting the most out of your space. Growing vertical is an essential and practical use of space, especially when you are limited.  You want to take advantage of “vining” plants that naturally grow up or those that even like to grow out.  Groups will learn how to work with trellises, twine or even netting to help their plants grow up.  The sky is the limit.

Mind-Body-Spirit   (Each course is 1 hour and will be conducted in the upstairs of the elite horse stable barn)

Yoga & meditation; relaxing your mind and optimizing circulation;  Groups will have morning meditation and yoga sessions to start off their day in a peaceful setting, stretching and learning some basic moves they can do at home to help to stimulate circulation and oxygenation of the blood.

Thought and frequency;  Think positive…. You attract positive. It’s the law:  Groups will learn a little about science, vibrational frequencies and the measurable effect of your thoughts and the spoken word.  We are all made of energy.  You can learn to shift your life by shifting your thoughts and words.

Chakra system: Groups will learn a little about ancient Ayurveda Chaka systems (tiny vortexes up and down your body) and how they relate to energy and our lives, and how to restore balance.

Everything is connected; reflexology:  There are currents of energy that flow through our bodies.  Everything is connected.  Groups will learn how to identify certain areas of concern on their bodies and how they can work their own hands & feet or a family members to help relieve any stresses, pains or illness.

Aromatherapy; Meet your “Olfactory Bulb”:  Groups will learn about the value of using your sense of smell and how different pure essential oils are used to stimulate the body’s own natural responses.

Animals & Nature (Each course is 1 hour and will be held walking around the property grounds and woods.

Bees & pollinators; they’re vital to food production:  Bee’s and other pollinators are crucial to successful production of growing food to eat.  Without it, we are in trouble.  Many flowers and plants attract these vital workers.  Groups will learn of the importance and contribution they make and how to recognize your own role you can play, even if you are not growing any food yourself.

Farm animals/ protect, till, mow, fertilize, feed, work:  Farm animals play an important role in the success of the farm itself.  Many animals have multiple roles and utilizing their contribution, letting them do their thing, helps farmers spend more time doing their thing, which in turn helps the consumers.

Permaculture & foraging on a nature walk.  It’s all around us, we just need to recognize it:  If you pay attention to mother nature, there are not neatly manicured rows of crops or a monoculture field of one thing growing. It’s all mixed up for a reason.  Groups will get out and learn the value of just planting around you, and letting nature take its course.

Alternative Energy Resources & Off-Grid Living (Each course is 1 hour and will take place both on the farm and in the main house)

Solar power, wind turbines, hydropower & alternative energy. Being “Off-Grid”  Never get a “shut off” notice again!  Groups will learn about various sources of alternative energy and the impact they have on tapping into other means rather than fossil fuels.

Geothermal heating/cooling:  Beneath the surface of the ground, the earth provides both heating and cooling abilities.  Groups can learn how to adapt this principal into their own lives.

Capturing rainwater.  The benefits of purity. Pay attention to laws in your county/state.  This is a controversial subject, but one that is valuable and makes sense.  Simple things you can do to utilize the rainwater, rather than it rushing down the road into a sewer system.  Groups will learn some simple, yet unobtrusive methods to do this.

**For each guest that participates in the group weekend, Pinedora Farms will sponsor one child to come to our farm and participate in its specially tailored children’s farming program called.  E.L.F.  “Educating Little Farmers”  (See Children’s program page) with a group of other children.  We believe children have the ability to direct the future and we want to do our part on helping


Contact us for further information and reservations.   Book early to insure dates desired.

Fee for all inclusive weekend as described above $1,500 per person, $2,500 per couple.