About Us

Welcome to Our Story

After losing both of her parents to medical carelessness and over prescribed medications, Lisa went to further her education in Holistic Healthcare and pursue a dream she and her family spoke of for many years.  To build a Self-sustainable family farm, which quickly turned into Organic Farming, Off-Grid Living, Self-Sustainability and an Educational Center where people can come to learn what real food and nutrition is about.  After searching for the perfect place for nearly 5 years, the family settled in Northern Arizona, working together to build a safe place to live, and contribute to the local communities by giving back and teaching.  Thus Pinedora Farms was born.

Pinedora Farms is a membership-based Non-profit 501 (c) 3 IRS recognized corporation, established with the intent on building and creating a model of self-sustainable organic, green living.  The farm will focus on organic growing methods and permaculture practices.  We will incorporate vertical growing, companion planting, crop rotation, composting, aquaponics, animal husbandry, alternative energy systems,  educational programs, workshops, tours, holistic nutrition and natural healing sessions.

Key Services Offered :

The business has three main areas of expertise for residential and business premises:

  • Organic produce available to the local communities, customized nutritional healing programs.
  • Educational programs teaching people of all ages about holistic nutrition with a focus on school age children, while offering tours to educate others on how food is really grown, how animals play a vital role in that food production, alternative energy and self-sustainability.  In addition to nutrition, incorporating Mind-Body is equally important.  We are all “energy beings”.. literally.  Our thoughts and emotions also effect our health.  Group retreats will also be available.
  • Natural products to supplement and aid in optimal health and work with the body’s own ability for natural healing.

Meet our team!

Lisa Kaiser     

President; . Lisa has an educational background in Small Business Management and Accounting, as well as an Associate Degree in Transformational Psychology, Holistic Healthcare, Natural Medicine, Nutrition, Urban Farming, Ayurveda, Reflexology, and Frequencies and Energies of Living Organisms. She was one of the “original” four founding members of the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce in 2006 and 2007, and sat on four Arizona State Senate Task Force Committees on Family Violence. She had been active with public speaking on topics of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Judicial Misconduct.

Here is a link to an article from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts that was written about Lisa:

Lisa Kaiser and Off-Grid Farming

Jennifer Kaiser

Vice President; Jennifer is a certified Herbalist and has also spent many years studying psychology, organic growing and Permaculture practices, and working with energies and frequencies. Jennifer recently began her Holistic Nutrition program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts just like mom, with a little twist.  Her major will focus much more on the culinary aspect.  She helps design and implement the energy of crystals in our organic growing practices.  She is also our “in house” Yoga instructor and helps to keep our energies in alignment with nature.

Dylan Adams

Marketing Chair; Dylan is a salesman extraordinaire. Since childhood he’s had a way with people.  He’s been in business management for a number of years.  He is also a skilled mechanic and recently become quite a carpenter and our “go-to” guy whenever us girls need some muscle!

Kate Adams

Secretary; Kate is also currently studying herbal medicine and is our resident entomologist and animal caretaker. She has currently been attempting to repopulate our area with local honeybees and will be working with various Pollinator programs to help accomplish this.  Bees are actually a crucial part of successful organic food production for everyone.