Coyote, Shotgun and Quickly Healing!

Many of you know we have coyote issues here going after our livestock. Yeah! Zoe (the guard dog) is back for a little bit. A week ago, early in the morning as the sun was just coming up over the hill… a coyote was heading to our chicken coop. I grabbed the double barrel shotgun and went after it. It ran and stopped at the bottom of our hill with me facing east as the sun came up. Could barely thing a thing. I aimed as best as I could see where it was and fired. Yikes! I pulled both triggers and shot off BOTH barrels at the same time. It really knocked me! (I did have gun just inside my shoulder).. needless to say, I got a bad bruise and it went DEEP. I immediately began putting our “Regenerate” healing oil on it that we’ve been manufacturing for years and kept track so I could show you how well this oil works to speed up the healing. Today, ( 7 days later) it’s almost gone. Not bad! You can find it on our website in our store. You really want to keep some on hand!

PS:  I ended up wounding it.  🙁    Hope it went off somewhere and either died or stays away from killing my chickens and ducks!

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